How to Boost Your Hiring Process by Integrating interviewstream and SuccessFactors

Esteban Gomez | February 3, 2022

According to a report by WorkforceHub, in 2020, “98% of Fortune 500 companies and at least 66% of large companies use an applicant tracking system, or ATS.” In today’s recruiting atmosphere, it’s crucial to have interviewing software that works for you and your hiring team’s needs – and that means integrating an applicant tracking system.

Among the top applicant tracking systems are Workday with nearly a fifth (21.92%) of the market, Taleo (14.68%) and SAP SuccessFactors (11.57%), a recent Ongig report showed. WorkforceHub also reported that companies using Applicant Tracking Systems had, on average, 40% less turnover and filled vacancies 20% quicker.

Our question is: why not integrate your recruiting software with your ATS now? 

Let’s go over the benefits

1. Manage everything from one streamlined platform

Stop copying and pasting from one system to the next. Rather than moving back and forth between your ATS and your recruiting software, enjoy the convenience of having all of your information and features together in one system.

2. One-click invites

You can easily click a button in your ATS to process a background check or email candidates about video interviews or submitting their references. Cut hiring times by accessing every hiring touch point through one platform.

3. Real-time status updates

From video interviewing to background checks, you can track exactly where a candidate is in the process in your ATS in real time, even if their current step involves a third party.

4. Easily share information

Integrating your third-party system with your ATS means that all of your data is in one spot. This cohesiveness becomes even more valuable when you need to share records with another hiring manager or recruiter.

5. Centralized reporting

When your systems are integrated, all candidate reporting is done in your ATS, so you no longer need to look at multiple platforms to report on your candidates’ interviews or background checks.

Take a quick look at how interviewstream integrates with SAP SuccessFactors:

Step 1: Set up your account

Start by authenticating your account. If you’re not an interviewstream user just yet, feel free to reach out! After you’ve set up the integration, browse to your SAP SuccessFactors requisitions and add an assessment section.

Step 2: Add an interview to an SAP assessment

Once you’ve added the assessment section, fill out the Status, Vendor, Assessment and Email Template fields. In the Assessment section you’ll be able to set the candidate status that will trigger the invitation to go out to the candidate, add an interviewstream interview you’ve created and select an email template.

Step 3: Invite your candidate(s)

Once you’ve added the assessment to your requisition and the candidate is moved into the Status you specified in the previous step, the candidate will receive an email invitation.

Step 4: Review your candidate interviews

The candidate will complete the interview in the invitation and you’ll receive an email with a link to view the candidate’s responses directly.

Integrate interviewstream with your ATS to stay on top of recruitment

interviewstream‘s purpose-built video interviewing and scheduling software helps you reach your top candidates in record time. By integrating with an applicant tracking system, you save even more time managing your candidates through one platform. We’re here to simplify your hiring process. Talk to one of our hiring experts to learn how to get started.

About The Author

Esteban Gomez is a marketing consultant with interviewstream. He loves learning and has a passion for traveling, having visited many countries including China, Colombia, Italy, and Peru.


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