How to Prep Candidates for a Digital Interview

Esteban Gomez | February 15, 2015

As digital interviews continue to grow in popularity among districts, principals and other administrators would like to prep candidates on how to put their best foot forward. We created a quick cheat sheet on how to succeed at digital interviews and have broken down our tips to candidates here.



Two of the most important factors in participating in a successful digital interview is having a working webcam and adequate internet speed. Candidates should test their internet speed and the quality of their webcam far enough in advance of the interview so that if the quality of either item is poor, the candidates can consider alternate webcams and environments that have better internet connection.


Once the equipment is set up, advise candidates to practice the entire process with a friend or family member. Practicing will help candidates feel more at ease using the technology during the interview and ensure that candidates are responding to questions with well rehearsed, thoughtful and polished answers.


Remind candidates that they are not merely in a room by themselves talking to a piece of equipment but to imagine that are in an in-person interview with the recruiter. Candidates should complete their interviews in a quiet, clean environment that won’t provide unnecessary distractions for both the candidate and the interviewer during the interview. Candidates should avoid positioning their webcam too close to their face, conducting interviews in a brightly lit room that may washout their features and refrain from doing anything distracting like swiveling or rocking in their chair, tapping their fingers or wearing jingly or noisy jewelry. Candidates should dress for interviews as if they were going into the organization’s office for an in-person interview and, as always, remember to smile!

interviewstream is designed to create the best possible interviewing experience for candidates and has tips and equipment testing for candidates embedded into our software as mandatory steps the candidate must take before beginning the digital interview. Digital interviews help candidates put their best foot forward by enabling candidates to tell their own personal story to recruiters earlier on in the interviewing process at a time when they may have been vetted out based solely on their resume. What are some other reminders you like to give candidates before their first digital interview?

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