How to Identify the Best Candidates with Video Interviews

Caroline Chessia | October 16, 2023

The best recruiters use one way video interviews to screen candidates – but what are their tricks to hiring the best candidates from these pre-recorded interviews? In this blog we’ll walk you through how some of our users identify their top candidates with video interviews. But first, if you’re not using video interviews yet, here’s why you should be.

Why Use Video Interviews?

If you want to keep pace in a fast-paced recruitment landscape, you need to screen candidates fast. Video interviews, particularly one-way video interviews, allow you to screen candidates 80% faster than traditional screening methods. 

With video interviews, hiring managers see how candidates would react to real life situations, they can share videos with other stakeholders, and quickly see which are the stand out candidates by using a rating system. Their advantages go beyond mere convenience; they offer a means to revolutionize your hiring process. 

But, why are video interviews a must-have in your recruitment arsenal and how they can benefit both recruiters and candidates?

  • Increased Efficiency & Time Saved: Video interviews streamline the screening process, enabling recruiters to review a larger pool of candidates in significantly less time. This can save up to 66-80% of the time typically spent on phone screen interviews.
  • Consistent Evaluation: With one-way video interviews, all candidates respond to the same set of structured interview questions, eliminating potential biases and providing a fair evaluation framework. Video interviews also allow recruiters to assess candidates’ communication skills, body language, and cultural fit with greater accuracy.
  • Higher Quality Hires that Stick: Using virtual interviewing software allows you to reach a larger candidate pool. And, a larger candidate pool enables recruiters to make more informed decisions and select candidates who align better with job requirements, ultimately hiring candidates with greater quality of hire than before.


Identifying Candidates with Video Interviews

By rating and reviewing responses to using grading rubrics, recruiters can gain invaluable insights into candidate suitability using video interviews. Here’s a step by step guide on how our clients use video interviews to judge if a candidate is the right fit.

  1. Define your ideal candidate – what key areas or skills do they need to be your dream candidate? Create a rubric based on these characteristics. By creating a rubric, you ensure each evaluator or recruiter knows what exactly makes a dream candidate.
  2. Create a video interview template with questions that will highlight these areas. For the same position, each candidate should receive the same interview.
  3. Identify which candidates will receive an interview invitation. Some companies extend an invitation to every single candidate that applies, some companies do a pre-screen assessment, and some pick and choose based on the candidates’ resumes.
  4. Once the candidate has been sent and completed their video interview, review each candidate based on your evaluation rubric. You can rate each candidate and then see how they stack up against each other. You can also see how other stakeholders have rated them and quickly get a sense of which candidates are your company’s top candidates.
  5. Once you have your top candidates, quickly engage them and invite them to another virtual interview or meet them in person!



Identify Your Top Candidates with interviewstream

Video interviews, especially one way video interviews, provide a range of advantages that can help recruiters pinpoint top talent. By embracing this innovative approach and leveraging the features it offers, you can streamline your hiring process, make more informed decisions, and ultimately build a stronger and more successful team. 

So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to explore the world of video interviews and unlock their potential for identifying the best candidates. Fill out this form to see how.

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Caroline Chessia is the Marketing Operations Specialist at interviewstream. She loves color-coordinated graphs, hiking in the mountains, and every dog she meets—especially the Golden Retrievers.


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