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  | July 23, 2014

Major corporations are devoting hundreds of millions of dollars to finding the best young talent available. So why is the rate of college graduates’ unemployment higher that it’s been over the past two decades according to the U.S. Census Bureau?

Data from the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University states that 36.7 percent of recent college grads are faced with “mal-employment.”  Mal-employment means the student is employed but working in a position that doesn’t represent the student’s intended professional trajectory. It also represents those who work part-time but are looking for a full-time role.

Ivy League and top tier schools don’t run into much difficulty when it comes to connecting their students with top employers in their field of interest. However, this process isn’t quite as easy for every school. Attracting employers can be especially difficult for smaller colleges and universities. Unless employers conduct on-campus interviews or attend career fairs, many students have no chance of catching their eye.

Colleges and Universities can use video tools to help their students reach a wider range of career opportunities. While it will never replace in-person communication, online video technology is a great way for schools to reach out beyond their local circle, making it easier for their students to break into the professional world. Professionalism and personality are just as evident through a webcam as they are when a candidate is sitting across the table from an employer.

A video interview step can give valuable insight to the truly talented individuals. The candidate gets the opportunity to put his/her face in front of a recruiter and demonstrate his/her communication skills, attitude, and intangibles that don’t come across properly over the phone or on a resume. And for smaller colleges that may not get as much attention from employers, video can be a key way to reach out on the behalf of top students to targeted employers.

Video tools allow students to tell their story in meaningful ways, which can’t be done by simply filling out a form or creating a resume. Recruiters need to see potential new hires in a more accurate light; if they can see the soft skills right alongside the hard, they can make more informed decisions. It requires rich-media technology that allows a generation of employees, who are light on work experience but heavy on life experience and academic achievements, to distinguish their talents.

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