Case Study: interviewstream’s Hiring Process

Caroline Chessia | January 20, 2023

Case Study: interviewstream Hiring Process

interviewstream has over 20 years of experience helping businesses hire faster & more efficiently. And we’d love to show you how we do it – starting with our own hiring process. We recently hired a Customer Success Manager using a combination of video interviews and interview scheduling. Here’s how we sorted through over 300 applicants and hired our final candidate within 2 weeks.

Recruiting And Interviewing With interviewstream (Recruiter Side)


How did you go about spreading the word that interviewstream was hiring?

Beth Dreksler: We put a job posting on LinkedIn, and also on our Careers page and within 48 hours, we had received over 300 applications. 

How did you sort through all the candidates?

Beth: There were a lot of great fits for the position, but we couldn’t interview all of them, so we decided to make the interview invitation a mini-test. Customer Success Managers need to be detail-oriented, so we based our initial review on how well our candidates followed the instructions we gave. We sent instructions asking the candidates to first complete a one way video interview and then schedule time for a live interview with us. 

A lot of candidates scheduled the interview first, which let us know right away that they hadn’t taken the time to read the directions clearly. For us, it was a great way to quickly narrow the candidate pool by focusing on a necessary soft skill. 

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How did interview scheduler & interview on demand help you hire faster?

Beth: It was really useful to have the two products together – we set up a landing page with the scheduling link so applicants could see what they needed to do in one place. We also split up interviews onto my calendar and our CEO. Once all my time slots for interviews were taken, candidates were sent a new scheduler link asking to book on our CEO’s calendar. 

It was also really simple to communicate with people through the platform, instead of sending a ton of emails. After people completed their on demand interview and we decided who would move forward, we could send out bulk communications to all the candidates. We broke it down like this:

  • We sent one email to candidates thanking them and inviting them to another interview
  • A second email to candidates that weren’t a great fit for the position but would like to keep in contact with
  • A third email to candidates that did not continue in the application process, thanking them for their time.


interviewstream’s Candidate Experience 

The main draw of using an interviewing platform like interviewstream is faster and more efficient recruiting for recruiters and hiring managers. But that isn’t the whole picture. Providing a great candidate experience establishes your company as somewhere people want to work & stay working. Here’s our conversation with Stephen Thompson, the candidate we hired.

How did you apply?

Stephen Thompson: I heard about the job and applied on LinkedIn. Monique (interviewstream’s CEO) then messaged me asking me to complete a one way video interview. I immediately thought it was something like a personality test because I had recently interviewed for a position that had me fill out a personality test on camera – I thought that was very Big Brother-ish – but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. 

Once I read the message and clicked around on the training site, I knew what to expect. But, I didn’t have a webcam on my computer so I had to do the whole interview on my iPad. I was pleasantly surprised because it was straightforward and easy to complete. I remember thinking “Why haven’t I done one of these before?”. 

What did you like about the process?

Stephen: I liked how it didn’t feel like I was just talking to myself. It felt like a quick 15 minute interview because of how the hiring managers recorded videos of themselves asking the questions. It felt intimate (I had done a lot of group interviews before this) but comfortable at the same time. I also liked how it automatically defaulted to my time zone.

How was the follow-up?

Stephen: After I had done the one way video I was contacted to do another interview. This time we used the live video interviewing platform. I liked how open everyone was. I also received a ton of video interview reminders so there was little chance I was going to miss the interview.

How to use interviewing software to hire faster and more efficiently

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