InterviewStream – October 2014 Round Up

  | November 3, 2014


A running theme last month was the impact social media and technology have on recruitment and job seeking. So, the articles we rounded up for you in this post focus on digital trends and how they could affect your organization.


10 Ways Social Media Affects Recruiting, Job-Seeking Processes

As technology continues to take over the workplace, recruiters are taking advantage of growing trends. According to a Jobvite survey, this environment is resulting in a social recruiting experience across diverse platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and even photo blogs like Instagram.

The company’s seventh Social Recruiting Survey was completed by more than 1,800 recruiting and human resources professionals across a range of industries and regions.

The results are revealed and examined in this article in order to help make recruiters and job seekers aware of the impact their online presence has on their personal branding image.


6 Things You Should Know About Social Recruiting

The previous article briefly overviews the findings of Jobvite’s 2014 Social Recruiting Survey. For those of you who want a quick summary that article is great, but this article is more for those who want to go more in depth.

The survey shows that almost 70 percent of recruiters expect hiring to become more competitive over the next year. Taking this prediction very seriously, this article strives to help companies understand how to use technology to attract top talent and position themselves for maximum visibility.


Gartner: IT careers – what’s hot? 

At the recent Gartner IT Symposium, experts looked at the impacts of a new digital economy on the IT workforce. According to statistics, they predict that over the next few years, professionals must change the way they recruit new hires in emerging IT roles.

To prepare companies and managers, this article identifies the “hottest” skills CIOs must hire or outsource for. They also predict what the hottest skills will be in the next three years and the next seven years.


Mikey Dickerson: Tech Recruiting Not As Busted As You Think

Mikey Dickerson is putting government IT on notice as the head of the newly formed U.S. Digital Service, a White House office responsible for improving government technology projects.

As a former Google engineer, he has witnessed firsthand the dramatic corporate evolution into the digital age and understands the effect it has on the recruitment process. Technology hiring has grown about four times the rate of other kinds of hiring in our country. By following Dickerson’s lead in revamping the hiring in the federal technology community, you could make sure your company doesn’t fall behind.


8 Soft Skills Tech Hiring Managers Covet 

As you well know by this point in the post, technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy. We have clearly established that hiring is moving into a digital realm and fast.

Technology is leveling the playing field. It gives virtually everyone the ability to connect worldwide without the constraints of time, money or location. This is good and bad.

If everyone has the same advantages, what makes you special? How can you get noticed? This article provides you with more than just facts. They provide eight traits to help make you stand out from the crowd.


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