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  | October 3, 2014


Previously in our series, we discussed the importance of preparing the new generation for the workforce and what role educators play in that process. Now, we are going to turn to the other side and look at the role of employers.

Hiring new, young talent just out of college is challenging today’s corporate culture. It is important to consider how your company will embrace, manage, promote, and retain these new, highly-technical workers. Millennials are not going away; they will only grow in the work force.

Preparation should begin long before students graduate and begin to look for jobs. Employers can help students get a head start by providing meaningful internship opportunities.

As an employer, you probably know by now that everyone starts off with a vision of their ideal job, but this vision is really just a guess based purely on hypotheticals. Internships can teach students about what they do and what you don’t want to do based on experience.

Internships are a unique opportunity that students will never again encounter throughout their career. Students are young and eager so providing them with a variety of meaningful tasks gives them a chance to experience a variety of responsibilities and roles.

The importance of networking and gaining new resources to college students cannot be understated. Building a network of “who you knows” through college student internships can pay great dividends upon graduation. However, that may not be enough.

Employers need to reach out to universities to really build these connections. Your organization can use on campus outreach to find hidden talent, market your job opportunities, brand your organization, and offer informational advice to students. By reaching out, you can help institutions better prepare their students for what they are looking for in a new hire.

Increasingly, employers are looking for people with practical experience as well as academic achievements. Most employers rank interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills above technical aptitude. Also, an employee’s ability to work in a team and with the colleagues around them is essential in every type of job (but different in a work environment compared to college).

There’s no better way for employers to help students acquire these skills than to jump into a corporate environment with effective training programs. The additional skills and knowledge gained during a properly developed training program will benefit both the new employee as well as the company as a whole.

Millennials grew up in the digital age, and customers want your business to act as though it is a leader in the digital age. Employers should take advantage of this by incorporating technology in internships opportunities, university outreach efforts, and training developments. By doing so you can prepare students through a medium that is comfortable to them, making for an easier transition into the workplace.


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