July 2014 RolePlayPRO News Round Up

  | August 13, 2014

July 2014 RolePlayPRO News Round Up

Here at RolePlayPRO, we rounded up the latest training news from July 2014. Here are the top four pieces we didn’t want you to miss.


Why Employees Prefer Skill Training More Than Educational Grades

The quality of employees and their development through skill training is a major factor behind determining the long-term profitability of a business. This article recognizes that training is an integral part of employee development and examines why this continuous process is valued by employees.

Professional development and training is a way to encourage and support employees in the workplace. Training that is directed towards new methods can be utilized on the job to add to the employee’s confidence that enables them to perform more efficiently. One of the best ways to approach training is to encourage employees to learn all they can about the organization not just the department they work for. By doing so, training will provide a comprehensive understanding of how all the pieces work together and contribute to the company as a whole.


Onboarding New Sales Hires Continues Being Challenging

It takes time to transform raw recruits into the perfect sales representatives for your company. However, every day it takes to onboard new sales employees costs the company money. Of course a faster, more efficient plan would be optimal, but why is that so difficult to develop?

This article examines this question and attempts to provide solutions for an onboarding program that will benefit new hires, managers, coaches and the company as a whole. The best learning programs are a combination of essential curriculum components such as key phases, subject areas, seller tasks, manager coaching and expected learning outcomes.


Using Collaborative Learning for Faster Results

People tend to work more quickly and efficiently when they work in groups. Teamwork is a great way to tackle tasks in the workplace. Collaborative learning applies the same concept to employee development. This method capitalizes on different skills and experiences to solve problems faster.

Collaborative learning technologies further this experience by connecting people and social tools while they work. This article explains why business leaders need to invest in technology that enables people to integrate skills development into their workflows.


Employee Development: An Investment worth Making

Employees are often assigned tasks that require limited skills or involvement, even though the worker potential for improvement may be somewhat greater. This can result in staff spending less than one-fourth of their time performing work compatible with their skills and capabilities.

It is important that employees are developed steadily throughout their career so that the assigned work is interesting and challenging. Managers should plan to develop workers in both their skills and in their responsibilities to create a trained and motivated workforce that can and desires to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.




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