New Features from interviewstream: December 2023 Feature Round-Up

Drew Whitehurst | December 28, 2023

interviewstream is excited to introduce our latest round of new features and product enhancements. Our dev team has been hard at work rolling out new features that aim to streamline the hiring process, foster collaboration, and elevate the candidate experience for interviewstream clients. Check out the enhancement details below:


The New applytoeducation Integration

School boards in Canada have a new way to combat the teacher shortage by screening teachers from within their applytoeducation applicant tracking system account. The new partnership integration between interviewstream and applytoeducation will make it easier for Canadian school boards to conduct and review screening interviews and allow them to screen more candidates per position.

This update revolutionizes the way K-12 HR professionals recruit teachers in Canada. interviewstream’s partnerships with other applicant tracking system providers like Frontline Education and PowerSchool have helped school districts across the USA screen over 30% more candidates per position and screen teachers up to 80% faster using asynchronous interviews and live video interviews.

Check out the list for some of the features of the new integration between applytoeducation and interviewstream:


Screen Candidates with One Way Video Interviews

Screen teacher and staff candidates easily from within applytoeducation. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create your interviewstream interview templates with the questions you would like to ask your applicants (most schools choose 4-6 screening interview questions).
  2. From applytoeducation, send out invitations to educator candidates that you would like to assess for the position. Candidates can complete the interview from any location at any time.
  3. Review candidate interviews from the candidate’s applytoeducation profile on your own time. On average, education candidates complete one way interviews in less than 48 hours.
  4. Rate applicants and see how they stack up before sharing their interviews with other stakeholders or moving them on to the next round.

Take a look at a quick demo video from our recent webinar with applytoeducation:


Keep Your Data Secure in Canada

With interviewstream and applytoeducation, we make it easy for you to stay compliant. All data associated with the integration is housed in Canada, we adhere to GDPR guidelines and have a SOC2 Type 2 certification, which ensures the security, availability, process integrity, and confidentiality of your data.


Share, Rate, and Rewatch Video Interviews

We are committed to helping the K-12 community find the best teachers for their students. One way we help do this is by making hiring and interviewing teachers as easy and efficient as possible. Using digital interviews, rate candidates as you watch their one way interviews using a scoring rubric.

You can also rewatch and share videos with other stakeholders–for example, a superintendent or principal. Being able to instantly show videos to stakeholders allows you to move candidates through the hiring process more quickly. Speed is key, quickly evaluating candidates let’s you speed up your time-to-hire, allowing you to extend offers to top talent before the competition.


See What You’re Missing: Integrate interviewstream and applytoeducation

Reach out to us today to learn more about how applytoeducation and interviewstream’s integration can help you recruit star teachers faster than other school boards. If you want to see the integration in action, check out this webinar.

We exist to simplify and transform your hiring experience, and we love to hear your feedback – so don’t hesitate to reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any questions or suggestions. Similarly, if you’d like a full product demo or have any questions or issues, please reach out.


New Advanced Scheduler Features & Enhancements

Along with our new integration with applytoeducation, our team has released a series of new features to our Advanced Scheduler tool – which helps HR professionals and benefits counselors with large-scale hiring events, benefits counseling, and multi-location recruitment events.

Most people are familiar with scheduling tools, however, Advanced Scheduler takes things one step further by allowing complex, multi-location, multi-schedule calendar automation and scheduling. Advanced Scheduler automates tedious manual tasks, giving your team more time and control. Simply outline locations, sync calendars, and provide attendees with a scheduling link for a seamless experience.


Self-Scheduling Start and End Dates

We understand the importance of setting clear parameters for scheduling events. With the addition of Self-Scheduling Start and Self-Scheduling End dates, organizations can now define an absolute time period during which invited attendees can self-schedule, mirroring the intuitive functionality of benefits open enrollment. This new feature seamlessly integrates with existing Prep Time and Time Frame features, providing our Advanced Scheduler customers with enhanced control over the self-scheduling process. Whether coordinating interviews, hiring events, or facilitating benefits enrollment, precision and flexibility are now at your fingertips.

Absolute start and end date options shown in interviewstream's Advanced Scheduler tool


At-A-Glance Timeslot Indicators

Efficient planning is important, and that’s why our latest update includes a visual indicator of available timeslots for Scheduling Events. These visual indicators offer at-a-glance insights into availability without the need for precise counts. This enhancement ensures that hiring teams and benefits counselors can make informed decisions quickly, optimizing the scheduling process for maximum efficiency.


Video Interviewing Requisitions & Candidate Experience Updates

Revamped A/V Test (Tech Check) Pages

We’ve updated the step-by-step instructions included in our one way video interview process. With the updated process, candidates are guided through new audio and video checks, ensuring their settings meet quality standards. Clear titles and headings provide a better understanding of the purpose of each page, while new button labels make candidate decisions more intuitive. These improvements aim to empower candidates, reduce technical hiccups, and create a smoother interview process for the candidate.


Updated Prep Time Labels

We’ve also added improved labels for the interview question prep time in the candidate interview process, which allows candidates to prepare their answer before recording the video response. Prep time is variable and can be changed by the requisition owner in interviewstream. This simple yet impactful adjustment ensures that candidates have a clear understanding of the distinct phases of the interview process, promoting a more focused and prepared candidate experience.


Streamlined Completion Options

Our team has also updated the way interview completion options are presented at the beginning of the interview, providing candidates with a more user-friendly interface. More clear and concise information about required equipment and browsers for on-demand interviews is now organized for easy comprehension. Additionally, for iOS mobile users, there’s a new recommendation to utilize the mobile app for an enhanced experience. We’ve consolidated information, such as app store links and app features, into the user interface, eliminating unnecessary secondary pages and offering a more streamlined candidate journey.


At interviewstream we’re committed to continuous improvement, ensuring that your video interview platform and scheduling tools remain at the forefront of innovation, delivering a superior experience for both recruiters and candidates alike. Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to shape the future of video interviews and scheduling tools. To see the interviewstream platform in action, reach out to our team here.

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