How to Use interviewstream to Onboard New Employees

Caroline Chessia | November 29, 2023

Your onboarding process is the first impression new employees have of your company – are you projecting the right impression? Over a third of new hires turnover within the first month due to inefficiencies in the onboarding process. If you are onboarding new employees manually or don’t give new hires enough support, you risk increasing your turnover stats. 

Companies with strong, structured onboarding programs are more likely to retain their employees. Structured onboarding programs help retain candidates because each stage of the process is laid out clearly, from orientation paperwork to job training to post-onboarding surveys and feedback.


Why Should You Use a Structured Approach to Onboarding?

At larger companies, onboarding is difficult to control at an organizational level because of company size and office location. In remote-first companies, onboarding activities might slip through the cracks due to miscommunication or missed opportunities to sync. Here are a few pain points in companies we have talked to about their onboarding process:

  • The onboarding process is too manual. Filling out paperwork and collecting new hire information is done ad hoc, rather than stored in a platform.
  • Administrators have to spend a lot of time chasing paperwork. Tracking, collecting, and processing paperwork takes a long time and adds to the potential for human error.
  • Post-onboarding disconnect: Many onboarding programs don’t take the time to get feedback from new hires on their thoughts around the onboarding process or 


How to Use interviewstream to Create a Structured Onboarding Process

Having a dedicated hiring platform to manage new hires and onboarding helps make your onboarding process more efficient and consistent. interviewstream’s solutions allow you to automate messaging to new hires and collect feedback videos so you know exactly where you need to improve your onboarding process. See how below.


Improve Manual Processes in Onboarding

Automate your workflows to ensure that tasks, forms, and checklists are submitted on time and checked off by an HR pro. With auto-reminders for submitting new hire paperwork, new hires can confidently submit required documentation on time, without reminders from the administration.


Collect Feedback from New Hires after 30/60/90 Days

Using video interviewing software makes it easy for companies to collect new hire feedback in one centralized location. New hires submit feedback videos (or feedback surveys) after 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days. Employees can record these feedback videos on their own time and might be more transparent about any issues on a video than they would be face-to-face to the HR professional asking for feedback.

For HR pros, these feedback videos are a time saver. Scheduling and holding feedback sessions with each new employee can take days. With recorded feedback videos, you can watch new hires’ feedback, rewatch, share, and make notes on each one. Ultimately, this enables you to see trends and areas of improvement in your onboarding process much easier than one-off meetings with employees.


Craft a More Efficient Onboarding Process with interviewstream

Are you looking to lower new hire turnover? See how interviewstream can help you create a structured onboarding process that will improve your retention. Reach out to us today to see how we’ve helped other companies successfully onboard their employees and continue to improve their onboarding process. Fill out this form to get started.

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