Three Questions District Recruiters Ask Before Implementing Digital Interviews

Esteban Gomez | April 30, 2015

interviewstream attended the annual American Administration of School Personnel and Administrators Conference in Baltimore where we discussed how our current district clients use digital interviews in their process. Below are the three main questions we received from districts who are considering implementing digital interviews in their recruitment process:

1. What’s the difference between interviewstream and Skype?

This has to be my favorite question about implementing digital interviews because it truly lets the value of digital interviews shine. On a high-level, Skype is a social software built to connect family and friends from all over the world through live video. interviewstream is a recruitment software built to connect recruitment teams with quality applicants through on-demand and two-way video, voice and written interviews.

Digital interviewing platforms allow recruitment teams to build interviewing templates in video, voice or written response format and create candidate profiles that house documents like cover letters or resumes as well as email correspondences and of course the candidates’ digital interviews.

2. Where do most of your clients employ digital interviews?

On-demand digital interviews is what we like to call our bread and butter. It is the tool that most used among our clients  and has generated the most impact in creating a faster interviewing process that identifies the best candidates for client roles. Clients use on-demand digital interviews to screen candidates upon submitting their application for the role by sending candidate questions to answer in either video, voice or written format.

Central Consolidated Schools first implemented video interviews when they experienced a major turnover of nearly 100 education professionals, 40 percent of whom were teachers. Within the first five months of using interviewstream, CCSD used on-demand video interviews to hire 23 top quality teachers and reduced their time to fill a position from 30 days to 13 days.

The amount of information gleaned from digital interviews reduced the average time hiring managers spent reviewing applications from five hours per candidate to two hours per candidate After identifying top applicants, CCSD hiring managers could send candidate responses to other district members for a collaborative reviewing process and push top candidates through the hiring process faster.

3. What’s the cost of your platform?

The price of interviewstream is based on the scale of the district in terms of the number of enrolling students, as well as the number of district recruiters who would use the digital interviews. The price really ranges per district and we work with small rural districts as well as large urban districts such as Broward County School District and Chicago Public School District. If you would like to see how much it would be for your district to use digital interviews, schedule a call with us here!

Digital interviews are a tool to take your recruitment process to the next level. To learn more about implementing digital interviews and how they can be utilized in your recruitment process, get started here.

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Esteban Gomez is a marketing consultant with interviewstream. He loves learning and has a passion for traveling, having visited many countries including China, Colombia, Italy, and Peru.


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