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  | July 18, 2013

Due to the rising popularity of global business, The Human Capital Institute (HCI) is now hosting their first annual Global Talent Management Summit next week in New York City. We are looking forward to participating in the conference because we recognize the importance of global business for our current and future clients. This is just one of many examples of the need for every company to consider the possibilities of global business and communication.

Although InterviewStream is an American company, we have provided video interviewing solutions in over 120 countries and in eight different languages. The graphic below shows the video interview reach from just one of InterviewStream’s clients.

A large majority of human resource professionals wish to improve the talent of their company through reaching untapped potential. Using social media as a hiring tool, which according to a recent report, approximately 60% of companies already do, makes these opportunities available to anyone with an internet connection worldwide.

Video interviewing is available and popular overseas as well. It cuts down on travel expenses and time for all involved. Both parties only need computer access with a secure internet connection and a webcam.

We have simplified global communication and recruiting by implementing language options and allowing customizable uploads for the video administrator.

Our newest product, ivMessage, is a video tool that adds a humanization factor to communicating via video. Better than an email, ivMessage allows the video creator to make a personal connection with others while adding authenticity to the message. We recommend top management use ivMessage to make important company announcements, connect with large numbers of employees in a more personalized manner or connect colleagues in other countries.

The question is no longer whether you have a video strategy but rather, what IS your video strategy? Let us know how we can help you be successful with your video and global recruitment strategies!

Happy Recruiting!


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