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Esteban Gomez | January 16, 2019

How much do you and your hiring team currently spend on travel costs to bring in remote candidates for in-person interviews?

One interviewstream client Cigna saw travel savings of $2 million in one year alone and reduced their time-to-hire significantly for 90 percent of their positions.

“Our team succeeded in meeting hiring expectations for a project comprised of 47 individuals in a three-month period of time, and interviewstream allowed us the flexibility to conduct interviews virtually and in an expedited yet impactful format,” said Cindy Ryan, vice president of talent optimization at Cigna. “Approximately 90 percent of the positions were filled in less than 75 days, and the project was originally slated to take six months, which positively impacted productivity and the cost impact to the organization.”

With interview connect, candidates are given a real preview of the job, allowing them to make better decisions around whether or not they would be a good fit for the position. Cigna was able to cast a wider, more diverse hiring net, reducing the geographical and financial discrimination that comes with in-person interviews.

interview connect offers a number of benefits, from travel cost savings to a better candidate experience.


interview connect allows recruiters and hiring managers to save on both monetary and time-based travel costs associated with in-person interviews. These savings extend to candidates as well.


Hiring managers can interview candidates at any time, regardless of geographical location. Candidates applying from abroad or other towns have the same hiring experience and opportunity as local candidates.


Nearly 60 percent of job seekers have a poor interview experience, and 72 percent share their experience on an online platform. Anything that can help improve the candidate experience is a benefit for both the candidate and the company overall.

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Esteban Gomez is a marketing consultant with interviewstream. He loves learning and has a passion for traveling, having visited many countries including China, Colombia, Italy, and Peru.


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