RolePlayPRO Madness – Make Sales Training Fun

  | March 13, 2014

March Madness. It’s an American institution so ubiquitous that, according to some surveys, more than half of the American workforce participates in some way at the office (including watching games at their desks or following brackets). Office pools can be fun competition, but they have also been estimated to cost businesses millions of dollars from worker unproductivity.

Instead, why not turn March Madness into a fun and useful competition? With RolePlayPRO Madness, your organization’s sales team can compete with each other to show off their skills. We built a bracket with suggested topics to make it easy to implement this productive and entertaining competition.

How will the tournament work?

With RolePlayPRO, your sales team can complete video role-plays with just a webcam and high-speed internet connection, allowing even remote team members to participate. In just a few minutes per round, team members can participate in a short video role-play based on the round’s topic, to be judged against another competitor. The winner will advance to the next round of the bracket to complete another role-play on a different skill.

This tournament uses the same format as the basketball tournament with a single-elimination bracket. And even though most competitors will eventually be eliminated, the winners will exemplify best practices for the others to emulate. With RolePlayPRO’s easy sharing options, you can email the best videos to your entire sales team so that they can observe and learn from each other to grow into better sales professionals.

Each round tests a different sales skill, requiring a progressively deeper understanding of your organization’s sales process. In the opening round, competitors face off with their elevator pitches to see who can make a convincing first impression. In the following rounds, the sales team will show off different skills such as product knowledgeobjection handling, and competitor knowledge. The four final competitors will then have to prove that they really know their stuff by being able to explain their product’s points of differentiation. Then, for the championship, the final two must close the deal and win the sale.

A sales manager or trainer can be the judge for the competition, or you could share the videos and allow the sales team to vote on the winners. Either way, you can keep track of the winners of each matchup with our handy RolePlayPRO Madness bracket.

And you can also personalize the tournament to fit the size of your sales team or to focus on any particular skill that will most benefit your organization.

Even for those eliminated in the first round, RolePlayPRO Madness will be a great opportunity for your sales team to brush up on the skills they use every day and learn by observing the top performers in your organization. Not only can they learn from the best practices captured in the videos of their colleagues, it’s also the perfect opportunity for sales managers and trainers to give personalized, individual feedback to the sales team.

Everyone will have the chance to compete, have fun, and improve their skills. And you’ll also capture your organization’s top performers and best practices in quick, easy-to-share, engaging videos.

Interested in using RolePlayPRO to create the ultimate sales training competition? Let us know!


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