Six Recruiting Thought Leaders to Follow on LinkedIn

Esteban Gomez | August 31, 2013

You spend a ton of time on LinkedIn. Whether you’re creating a job posting, sourcing passive candidates, showcasing your employer brand through the LinkedIn company profile, or looking for advice from talent thought leaders, there’s a good chance you visit the professional networking site multiple times per day.

With so much time spent on one platform, you might as well get the most out of it. While LinkedIn still has its heart (and bottom line) set on being the ultimate recruiting tool, they are also weaving a new media publication component into the homepage. Over the past several months, you’ve probably noticed the LinkedIn Today feature pumping in content from key players in the business world.

While you could rely on LinkedIn’s algorithms to share the best content for your needs, it makes more sense to proactively find and follow the thought leaders that fit into your specific niche. The Recruiting & Hiring channel is one option, but much of this content is focused on the job seekers rather than the hiring side. To help you get the most of the Influencer program, we’ve gathered a list of six talent thought leaders sharing insights fit specifically for recruiters and hiring managers.

1. Lou Adler

Lou Adler is CEO of The Adler Group, a sourcing and recruitment company. He has written a number of books on recruiting and hiring and publishes regular insights as a LinkedIn influencer. Be sure to check out his most recent post, “How Bad Hiring Decisions Can Mess Up A Good Business Strategy.”

2. Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes is the Chairman and Co-founder at social media marketing platform Hootsuite. While many of his posts are about social media and technology, he often delves into hiring issues, like in this great read on the high cost of a bad hire.

3. Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan is CEO and founder of Human Workplace, a think tank that focuses on reinventing work. She regularly posts full-length articles on LinkedIn with advice for both job seekers and HR departments. One recent post worth checking out is “Your Job Ads Are Driving Away Talent.”

4. Gary Swart

Gary Swart is General Partner at Polaris Partners, an investment firm that partners with entrepreneurs in the fields of healthcare and technology. As a thought leader on LinkedIn, Swart writes frequent posts about the job interview process, including interviewing for a mutual fit and evaluating personal characteristics when hiring.

5. Josh Bersin

Josh Bersin is principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, a company that focuses on “people strategies” for leaders and their organizations. On LinkedIn, follow Bersin for articles on talent acquisition, applicant tracking systems and making the case for pre-hire assessments.

6. J.T. O’Donnell

J.T. O’Donnell is the CEO of WorkItDaily,com, a site that focuses on helping people further their careers. Most of the time O’Donnell shares tips for candidates, which is a great opportunity to better understand your interviewee’s mindset.

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