Driving Change: How Tech is Reshaping the HR Landscape — iCIMS Partnercast Recap

Drew Whitehurst | October 5, 2020

Recently, interviewstream CEO, Ron Wilson, and Director of Product, Dan Sandler, sat down with iCIMS Manager of Partner Relationships, Greg Moran, to discuss current trends in HR and how technology is helping reshape global candidate and employee experiences. Here’s a recap of that conversation:

What does the future of work look like?

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a tipping point for video and HR technology as a whole. While the adoption of video-based tools was beginning over the last few decades, businesses, schools, and organizations have come to rely on video for basic day-to-day operation:

  • Video technology is allowing companies to transcend geographic boundaries
  • Organizations have become more efficient in their hiring processes, now able to place the right candidates into the right jobs with less overhead
  • Employees are no longer working a 9-to-5 schedule with four cubicle walls and, in many cases, this autonomy has resulted in increased effectiveness
  • Enabled by tech, the upward trend of working remotely is here to stay

What are the trends you’re seeing when it comes to usage of HR technology?

Since March of 2020, there has been greater adoption of HR tech as a whole. Organizations have come to realize that it’s time to digitize their HR processes in order to streamline their operations and drive automation.

Further, the tech assists in the critical candidate sourcing process, improving the quality of the prospects that are entering the hiring process. By automating back-end tasks, HR professionals can then focus their time and effort on more important work – redirecting this energy into time with the people that they interact with (and a little more of the human in HR).

What do diversity and inclusion mean to iCIMS and interviewstream?

Both companies place high value on the impact made by diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Over the last few months, interviewstream has formalized its cultural statements and launched an employee resource group around DEI to strengthen awareness and understanding and help everyone understand how to affect change professionally and personally. Additionally, interviewstream believes that what we do, HR technology has the ability to reduce conscious and unconscious bias.

“We think we have an opportunity to make a positive dent in the universe around social injustices and DEI…” said interviewstream CEO Ron Wilson. “We’re on a mission to educate folks around conscious and unconscious bias, illuminating [it] through our preparation software for both candidates and hiring teams to ensure that the right candidates have the opportunity to get into the right roles.”

We’d like to thank Greg Moran and the rest of the iCIMS team for hosting a great session! We’re grateful for our on-going partnership with iCIMS, an innovative and forward-thinking organization. For more information about interviewstream and our solutions, visit our website here or schedule a free demo now.

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