Thanksgiving Spotlight: 3 Reasons Why We’re Grateful for HR Departments

Amanda Palczynski | November 27, 2019

There are a lot of small things we all take for granted in the workplace that our recruiters and HR business partners just make happen – things like wrangling the party planning committee or managing the culture club. And then there are the big things, like making sure that our open enrollment for benefits programs happen correctly and helping us with the dreaded annual review cycle. It leaves us asking: “How do they do it all?”

“They do more for employees than many of us realize. They handle many crucial parts of our everyday work lives and ultimately allow each one of us to focus on what we enjoy doing – our jobs. I’m thankful for HR because they contribute to my everyday success,” reflects Esteban Gomez, interviewstream’s Digital Marketing Program Manager.

In a nod to the holiday upon us, here are the three big things that I’m grateful for that HR teams everywhere do for us.

#1 They are the drivers and enablers of our culture.

Culture isn’t about the pool table in the corridor or the no-cost snacks and soda stocked in the fridge – it’s the people and how their values show up every day. Our HR teams gladly take on the task of making sure our culture is always on point, not just because it makes us all feel more welcome but because it literally makes our companies more successful.

#2 New hires are welcomed aboard and guided through their first weeks.

Guiding new hires through their first weeks – tours, training sessions, introductions – is no joke. New hires feel more welcome and are much more likely to be productive quickly with good on-boarding. This intensive process is just taken care of quietly by our resourceful HR teams.

#3 They recruit new talent to strengthen our teams.

HR teams everywhere spend a lot of time helping us fill our teams with the right talent, when we need it. They set up an interview guide, use tools to automate scheduling (getting rid of the age old game of phone tag- everyone’s favorite game), screen candidates, and then collect your feedback to make the right hires. Our HR teams make the process as simple as a piece of pumpkin pie.

So, as you head out of the office to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday, stop down the hall or pick up the phone to say thanks to one more group that works hard to make sure we can all enjoy the holiday weekend – your HR team. It’s always good to pass a little gratitude on when you can, especially when it’s been earned.

About The Author

Amanda Palczynski is the Brand Program Manager at interviewstream. She is a perfectionist for accuracy; loves getting crafty with hand lettering and typography; and can speak strictly in quotes from The Office for any occasion.


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