The Convenience of Integrating Recruiting Software with Your ATS

Esteban Gomez | December 31, 2021

In today’s hectic recruiting atmosphere, it’s crucial to have interviewing software that works for you and your hiring team’s needs. 94% of HR professionals say that it has dramatically improved their recruiting process. It makes sense. In your ATS you can see all your hiring data in one platform – all candidates’ statuses, final hires, and open and closed hiring processes. Which is why it also makes sense for your other hiring technology to integrate with your ATS.

If you have hiring tech that doesn’t integrate with your applicant tracking system it must be out of this world for you to put up with all the extra manual labor. Personally, at interviewstream, we prefer to keep things easy. You want all of your interviewing information to sync automatically to your ATS, so that’s what we’ve built. See how we make hiring easier below…

Applicant tracking systems that interviewstream integrates with:


All your hiring information, at your fingertips on one platform

The convenience of using an applicant tracking system is having all your hiring information on one platform. If you want to add on any additional software, like interview scheduling or automated pre-onboarding paperwork, you’ll have to use a whole different platform and that data will not track to your ATS.

The advantage of using recruitment software that integrates with your ATS is having all the information that is housed in different platforms available through your applicant tracking system. Open one system and find all your hiring data in one place.

Invite candidates with the click of a button

Within your ATS, you can invite candidates directly to interview (via one way video interview, two way video interview, or in person) by clicking a button. Without an applicant tracking system integration, you would have to open your video interviewing software, invite from there, and make a note of it in your ATS. 

Without an integration, you’re wasting time that you could be spending doing something beneficial, like scouting out your next recruit or reviewing your candidates’ pre-recorded video interviews.

See where your candidate is in the hiring process in real-time

Integrating your ATS with interviewstream allows you can track exactly where a candidate is in the process in your ATS in real-time, even if their current step involves a third party. You’ll be able to see if they’ve completed their video interview – and if it’s a one way video interview, you’ll be able to view it. You can also see if they have any interviews scheduled for the future and any ranking you or other stakeholders might have given them.

Easily share information with colleagues and third parties

Integrating your third-party system with your ATS means that all of your data is in one spot. When you need to share records with another hiring manager or recruiter, they won’t even have to ask you – it will all be there under the candidate’s profile.

An easier way to report on your candidates and hires

When your systems are integrated, all candidate reporting is done in your ATS. There’s no need to log into different platforms to see which candidates were interviewed, which are proceeding to the next round, and which have been eliminated. 

Applicant Tracking System Breakdown

Frontline Education

Frontline Education is a leader in the K-12 school administration software space, and through our relationship with them and the 150+ K12 districts we partner with, we have been able to fully integrate with them for 5+ years. In 2022 we became the exclusive video interviewing referral partner of Frontline Education and we continue to develop our video interviewing integration with schools in mind. With the Frontline Education + interviewsteam integration, invite and access candidate video interviews without leaving the Frontline Recruiting & Hiring platform.

Image of Frontline Education applicant tracking system and interviewstream integration


PowerSchool is a leading provider of K-12 software solutions aimed at reducing the administrative burden, speeding up the hiring process, and improving hiring outcomes. interviewstream integrates with several of PowerSchool’s Applicant Tracking Systems. Using the interviewstream integration with PowerSchool, connect interview on demand, connect, and scheduler to sync your virtual interviews and improve your interview experience.

PowerSchool and interviewstream integration

SAP SuccessFactors

The SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite has been a part of SAP since 2012. It helps organizations create processes to engage employees and make hiring easier. Through our integration with SAP SuccessFactors, you can add video interviewing and scheduling tools to your Human Capital Management tools.

SAP SuccessFactors and interviewstream integration


Bullhorn is a recruitment software company with over 20 years experience in providing cloud-based software to aid in every stage of the recruitment process. Using the interviewstream integration you can add video interview and scheduling software into the Bullhorn CRM system. Sync jobs, candidates, and submissions between Bullhorn and interviewstream.

Bullhorn and interviewstream integration


Greenhouse’s recruitment tools help you find and engage top talent with ease. Connect interviewstream’s video interview solution with Greenhouse and easily review, evaluate, and share candidate interviews from your Greenhouse account.

Greenhouse and interviewstream integration


iCIMS is a talent cloud dedicated to finding and engaging the right candidates while growing your talent network. With interviewstream and iCIMS Applicant Tracking System you can manage video interviews and interview scheduling right from the iCIMS platform.

iCIMS and interviewstream integration


interviewstream integrates with both Taleo Enterprise Edition and Taleo Business Edition — two of Oracle’s Human Capital Management systems designed to help organizations source, recruit, and onboard top talent. With the interviewstream integration, connect your interviewstream interviews or workflows to easily create, send, and review interviewstream video interviews directly from your Taleo account.

Taleo and interviewstream integration


With CareerBuilder’s Applicant Tracking System and the interviewstream integration, you can keep track of anything associated with the interview including invitations, ratings, comments, and notes all linked with the CareerBuilder candidate profile.

CareerBuilder and interviewstream integration

interviewstream OpenAPI

interviewstream integrates with many Applicant Tracking Systems to make applicant tracking across platforms easier for recruiters. However, not everyone uses one of our direct partner applications, which is why we created the interviewstream OpenAPI.

Use interviewstreamAPI to integrate your interviewstream users, requisitions, interview templates, and candidate data into your hiring tools. Contact your Customer Success Manager to gain access to the API.

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