Use Video for a Successful STEM Talent Sourcing Strategy

  | September 16, 2013

We get it. You receive a ton of communication from us and other HR Software vendors each week, including something from at least two of our competitors. We’re glad you do, because smart technology purchases require the best information available to make that crucial informed decision for your company.

You’ve read at least five articles, blogs and whitepapers in the past month telling you why video is such a vital part of the STEM talent recruiting process. After a while, you’ve probably started to wonder what organizations OTHER than video interviewing companies have to say about how recruiting can benefit from our technology.

So, we’ve decided to put together a quick selection of thought leaders and research organizations that are saying something about just this: the problem of sourcing and recruiting STEM talent.

From the American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) on Recruiting Technical Talent.

The APQC offers these suggestions for companies seeking to increase their STEM talent pools:

  • Craft and communicate an employment brand that appeals to technical workers
  • Develop campus recruiting relationships and internship programs as sources of technical talent
  • Use technology to recruit technical talent
  • Encourage students to pursue technical careers

Did you know we are the only video interviewing software provider with a presence on both sides of the campus recruiting fence? Our “About Us” employer branding features give companies quick and seamless ways to place a number of custom videos about their brand right inside the pre-recorded video interview itself!

From the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE): Professional Standards for University Relations & Recruiting

“Some organizations are using web-enabled video interviews, which may provide significant cost savings over applicant/interviewer travel at the screening stage. While virtual interviews are not meant to replace the final in-person interview, they can be a tool that allows organizations to quickly and effectively screen potential college graduates for full-time openings or students for experiential education programs.”

NACE is the leading organization for campus/employer recruiting relationships. Their guide for university relations and recruiting standards is a must-read for any company looking to increase their STEM talent acquisition processes.

From’s thought leadership articles

“Recruiters and hiring managers have relied extensively on the crutch of traditional online job boards and post-and-pray methods to source talent. Bridging this talent gap starts at the crossroads of in-person and online networks.

  • Embrace technology as a means to connecting with people and not the final fix-all.
  • Take advantage of positives about your brand while working on the negatives.
  • Become an effective marketer as well as a likable, helpful, well-connected recruiter. Also, include and train hiring managers to leverage their networks in sourcing talent.”

We will be the first to tell you that technology itself, especially video technology, will NEVER replace the importance of the work the recruiter does, or the in-person interview.

Video is an opportunity for talent acquisition specialists and hiring managers to extend the personal aspect of the hiring process, and the story of the employer brand, to reach a wider audience of candidates.

The enormous talent pool of graduating STEM talent that is coming from Tier 2 and 3 schools no longer needs to be overlooked by your hiring team, when you are building your shortlist of career fairs. You no longer have to lose global talent opportunities because you couldn’t find a decent time to conduct a phone or live video interview. With a pre-recorded set of interview questions that are geared toward your STEM talent leads, you will be able to source and screen from a much broader and deeper talent pool.

And, can you communicate what a “likable, helpful, well-connected recruiter” you are, when reaching out to dozens, if not hundreds more candidates? Click the image below to check out the great work our friends at MRI Network are doing with our one-way video messaging tool.


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