Use Video Interview Software to Impress Your Hiring Manager

  | September 28, 2015

A positive relationship between a recruiter and a hiring manager creates the foundation for a recruitment team to succeed. Without that relationship and communication, neither side will be able to fulfill each other’s expectations.

We’ve compiled many resources on our blog and our resources page on how video interviewing software can help you recruit more efficiently and at a higher volume, but we want to focus today on how to impress your hiring manager.

Preview/Pre-Sell Candidates

Your hiring manager will form his/her first impressions of the candidate based on the introduction and materials you pass along to them. However, if you rely on a resume or written notes, your introduction might not do justice to the candidate.

With video, you don’t have to tell your hiring manager why you think this candidate will be a good fit for the position, you can show it. By highlighting a candidate’s skills and traits and having a video record to back up your claims, you are able to get the hiring manager excited about what that candidate can bring to the team. You have the ability to positively influence your hiring manager’s first impression of a candidate much more than through traditional methods.

Keep a Record for Debriefing

Debriefing after a series of interviews allows you to better understand the hiring manager’s needs and allows you to send him/her better candidates in the future. However, this critical part of recruitment often relies on notes and memories which can be incomplete or biased.

You can avoid these unconscious biases by keeping a video record of your interactions with the candidate. If there is an example of a certain trait that a candidate displayed during your time screening them, you can show your hiring manager where you saw that trait. Similarly, if the hiring manager has a specific complaint about a candidate, he/she can directly show you what to look for. This will allow you and the hiring manager to better understand each other’s expectations and needs moving forward.

Send Better Candidates to the Hiring Manager

We’ve discussed in previous blogs how video interview software can help you to find better candidates faster. By finding talented candidates, you make the hiring manager look good as he/she builds a better team.

Here are three reasons why video interviews help you to send better candidates to the hiring manager:

  1. Speeding up the interview process gives you the time to better assess more candidates
  2. Video removes geographic limitations and allows you to recruit efficiently around the world
  3. By enriching your interview process with employer branding materials, candidates will be excited to become a part of the team

Assess Fit Earlier in the Recruitment Cycle

Resumes will give you a basic idea of whether a candidate has the minimum skills to succeed in a position, but you can rarely see whether the candidate will fit in with the team. A candidate must be the right fit for the team to truly bring value to the organization.

Pre-recorded video interviews allow you to assess the fit of a candidate for a team without having to commit time to interviewing them. You can send a link to a short, pre-recorded interview that allows them to record responses to preset questions. When you review these recorded responses, you can see whether their attitude and communication skills are the right fit for the team. By the time you commit your time for either a phone screen or live video interview, you will already have an idea of how the hiring manager will see the candidate fitting into his/her team.

At InterviewStream, our goal is to find the right fit of our solutions to help improve organizations make a better and more efficient hiring process. Pre-recorded video helps to promote consistency in the screening process and can also help to incorporate ongoing training into your organization.

Our Video Technology Consultants are well-qualified to help you implement video technology into your organization’s custom hiring workflow. If you would like to learn more about enhancing your hiring and recruiting with video interviewing, contact us or attend one of our free, no-pressure group product tours.

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