Using RolePlayPRO for On-boarding

  | April 22, 2014

Creating depth within an organization is important especially when it comes to team-oriented environments. Having top talent on a team is always beneficial, but it’s equally important to surround top performers with other productive workers. Employees who feel as if they are pulling all the weight begin to resent the organization and look for a way out.

One way to surround top talent with capable workers is through an efficient onboarding system. According to the Human Resources Corporate Leadership Council, an effective system can lay the foundation for a strong workforce, improving employee performance by 20 percent and reducing the risk of turnover by 87 percent.

Hiring is an investment, so it’s vital for a company to train and develop individuals properly to make sure the employee brings value to the workforce. This can be achieved using video learning tools. Video is beneficial especially when top performers are in different locations; however, it’s not just limited to geographical issues. E-learning tools can be used locally to capture best practices, allowing the organization to keep a record of the top performer’s best methods.

As part of the initial training, top performers are able to conduct role plays to capture best practices and pass the knowledge to new hires, and as a result: new employees are able to gain the knowledge that top performers wish they had when they first started. After the comprehension period, new hires are able to be evaluated, giving the company a way of assessing and measuring their onboarding programs.

Once the employee leaves, the company knows it’s equipped with the knowledge necessary to make a positive impact. This will raise the ceiling of the talent within the organization leading to greater efficiency, which leads to greater productivity and therefore, better results.

Organizations can use video to create a variety of introductory materials, making it easily accessible for new hires to get necessary information. Rather than providing guides, videos are an engaging way of providing new employees with interactive materials, which leads to a more seamless transition into the workforce. Acclimating to a new job can be overwhelming for new hires, so why not have management record video-based interactive questions to welcome the new hire and make the person feel more familiar with leadership?

RolePlayRPO can be a valuable tool in the onboarding process, as it provides an easy solution to the scenarios described above. Using just a webcam and internet connection, any level of manager or executive can easily record onboarding content to welcome new hires and top performers share their knowledge just as easily!

The uses for such a flexible, scalable tool are endless, and we would love to hear from YOU just how you think your organization would implement RolePlayPRO. From sales training to onboarding, and beyond! Leave us your ideas in the comment section below and you could win a Starbucks gift card!



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