The Value of Self-Confidence in the Workplace

Esteban Gomez | December 15, 2014

How confident would you say you are? Do you broadcast your accomplishments across every social media network or do you usually just tell your mom? Self-confidence is as simple as knowing what you do well and what your value is. It’s important to have a healthy level of self-esteem, making sure you’re on an even keel, rather than being too arrogant or too insecure about your personal worth. Some studies suggest that self-confidence is genetic, while others have found that confidence starts in primary school and determines success as adults in the workforce. Have you ever considered how your self-esteem and confidence at work have affected your career?

Confidently Getting Ahead

Your resume is good enough to stick out from the pile, but the one thing that really helps you land the job is a great interview. And no interview is complete without a heap of self-confidence to prove that you’re the best candidate. Whether it’s in person with a firm handshake or through a video recruiting platform with a knowledgeable tone, confidence is one of the keys to landing your next dream job.

If you’re receiving compliments on a job well done, it’s bound to create a bounce in your step. With a healthy level of self-assuredness, you’ll be able to step outside of your comfort zone, taking on more projects and motivating others in the process. Getting along with more of your colleagues, your self-confidence and the potential for leadership grows. Also, as your personal career flourishes, your company stands to benefit from the positive energy you exude as the face of the company.

How Confidence Helps at Work

A higher sense of confidence at work comes with an abundance benefits. You have the power to run successful meetings; you can dictate what type of work you do and how you do it. If you’re confident in your work ethic, you can develop a greater sense of autonomy and easily convince your manager to let you work flexibly or remotely. You know what else confidence can bring? Promotions and pay raises. If you know that you’re doing your best work for the company, you’ll have the guts to ask for what you deserve.

Another benefit of self-confidence in the workplace includes delusional optimism. If you’re an entrepreneur or even just starting out in a challenging new job, delusional optimism is the key to success. You’ve heard of fake it until you make it, but having actual confidence in what you’re doing or selling makes all the difference in your eventual success. If you believe that you’re a part of something great, it’ll show in your work and lead you to some great achievements. If your self-confidence is levelheaded (and paired with a few important things like business plans, believers and funding), it’s bound to influence how well you achieve your goals.

How to Boost Self-Confidence in the Workplace

Confidence at work sounds great and all, but if you’re still feeling uncertain, there are a few steps to get you started. You can set goals and meet your deadlines. Easy enough, right? Once you meet those goals and deadlines, don’t forget to take pride and make a note of them. Your managers and colleagues will notice your achievements as well, and you can add their compliments to your confidence pile. If you’re having a bad week, look back at that pile and remember all the good work you’ve done. It also doesn’t hurt to have a catalog of success for your future resumes and interviews.

About The Author

Esteban Gomez is a marketing consultant with interviewstream. He loves learning and has a passion for traveling, having visited many countries including China, Colombia, Italy, and Peru.


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