Video Improves Employee Engagement

  | September 23, 2013

Guest post by Parmida Schahhosseini, PR Intern for InterviewStream and senior Journalism major at Baylor University

Imagine sitting at your cubicle staring at the clock with hopes of using mind tricks to fast-forward time. Unfortunately, time is never our ally. With each passing second we continue losing parts of our soul, or at least that’s how we feel.

According to an article by Forbes, 70 percent of people feel disengaged at work. As more people look beyond money for satisfaction, it is even more important for candidates to understand the company culture before applying for a job. In the same article, the author mentions that employees feel more engaged when they feel connected, or stimulated and find meaning in their jobs.

While it is important for individuals themselves to feel connected, it is also important to the company that its employees feel engaged. Organizations that hire individuals who do not fit the company culture can find themselves at odds. Hiring employees is an investment. Money and time are put into not only locating, but also training that person. If an employee quits within six months, everything was essentially a waste because the organization will not at least get what they’ve invested in return (that would be a negative ROI). The worst part is that the company has to repeat the process in HOPE of finding the right person.

Fortunately, InterviewStream has enhanced its branding portal with the addition of the “About Us” feature to help mitigate this issue. This portal enables the recruiter and/or hiring manager to upload videos about the company, showcasing the position, culture and a day in the life of an employee. This allows candidates to better understand the organization and see if it is the right fit before even applying for the position.

This feature is not only beneficial to the prospects, but also to the recruiters and hiring managers. Hiring managers can save thousands of dollars by choosing the right candidates in order to get a return on their investment. The potential employee also can decide if the position is good fit (or if it’s not) and save their own time by applying elsewhere.

What about current employees? Is there a way to engage them? InterviewStream has helped solve that problem as well with its ivMessage one-way video messaging tool. This helps humanize upper-level management and executives because messages and announcements can be more personable. This will help better engage employees, which leads to increased productivity.

This app is particularly beneficial for large companies because executives don’t have time for face-to-face conversations with every employee. With this kind of engagement, not only does the credibility of the boss increase, but the employees also feel a sense of worth.

ivMessage can be used to send motivational messages and announcements, and also for employee communication, sales and recruitment prospecting and compliance.

Employee engagement is becoming increasingly important with the shift in what satisfies today’s workforce, so it is critical that the right people be hired for each organization’s individual culture and needs, and just as critical that today’s employers have the right tools to do it!


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