Is Your Video Interviewing Vendor Automating You Out of Your Job?

  | February 6, 2015

Does this look like your current HR technology environment?

HRVIUS: Human Resources Video Interviewing Universal System

Predictive Automotive Analytics (PAA)

HRVIUS’s state-of-the-art PAA tracking system cross-checks your employees’ automobile data, attendance reports and video data to determine the likelihood of employees lying to their boss.



Communication Automation

Our new, proprietary Text Analytics Engine (TAE) can read and respond to inbound applicant emails and respond using the communication style of your hiring managers. Coming soon, using a combination of text-to-speech and speech-to-text technology, this feature will also include the ability to answer phone calls of inbound applicants.


Body Language Monitoring (BLM)

HRVIUS is able to detect body language that indicates whether an applicant is likely to steal company property or commit a violation of your company’s code of ethics. Our new integrated BLM system (iBLM) also includes an array of Visual Data Processors (VDPs) integrated directly into your office space to monitor the body language of current employees as well.


Resume Honesty Algorithm (RHA)

HRVIUS’s revolutionary new RHA helps to ensure that the applicants you want to complete a video interview are not lying with their qualifications. Using the leading combination of cloud-based social data and tele-verified pre-reference contacts, you will have the details of your applicant’s working history delivered straight to your ATS prior to ever contacting them.


Social Media Cloud (SMC)

Combining publicly available social data, predictive analytics and facial recognition software, HRVIUS is able to compare your applicants’ video interview to a worldwide database of cloud-based information. This helps to find potential lifestyle habits that may determine where potential losses of productivity will affect your business.

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