WEBINAR: Performance Improvement with RolePlayPRO – Learning & Coaching at a Distance

  | March 17, 2014

There is extensive research that workplace training is not driving business results. A major finding is that single learning events don’t truly change workplace behaviors. The most significant factor driving performance improvement is what happens AFTER formal training events, i.e., the “application environment.” Without continuous coaching and reinforcement of learned skills, most learning fails to transfer back to the job.

The problem is that most organizations leave training follow-up to overburdened supervisors, and the result is that learners either don’t try new skills at all, or fail when they first try them and abandon the effort.

This webcast will discuss how RolePlayPRO can provide a comprehensive e-learning and coaching-at-a-distance solution that actually drives business results.

Join founding partner of VideofyPro and seasoned training professional, Ken Cooper, in this webcast to learn:

1. How to create T4™ video for low-cost custom content

2. How to centralize coaching-at-a-distance with qualified subject matter experts

3. The use of RolePlayPRO as a comprehensive system for distance learning, capturing best practices, training validation, skills assessment, coaching, and certification

4. Applications of RolePlayPRO in sales, leadership, supervision, and front-line development

This informative event will take place Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 11am CDT. Click here to register. 

*Following the webinar, a recording will be available for viewing within this post. 


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