What Does Your Interview Process Say About You?

Justin Green | June 28, 2016

Whether we admit it or not, the job interview has always been a two way street.  The best candidates know their skills are in demand.  Even in the tightest job markets, they have choices.  The top candidates are interviewing you, too.

Many recruiters still treat the interview as a one-way interaction.  Your interview was designed to prod and probe and test to determine the best qualified candidate, and it works well.  They’re interested in joining your team, or they wouldn’t have applied, right?  Well, yes, and no.

If the job description was written well, candidates may have some idea about what the job entails on a day-to-day basis.  Most of the time, though, it is still up to them to guess how their role fits in with the organizations’ values and mission.  This disconnect has become especially acute with millennials, who are increasingly placing corporate values and culture above pay scale when considering where they will work.  They want to understand how they add value to the organization – what it really means to be a member of your team. There’s no doubt employers who successfully communicate their employer brand are rewarded with better hires and lower turnover rates.

The interview phase provides the best opportunity to provide the volume and level of detailed messaging necessary to effectively promote your brand.  Yet that is difficult to do with traditional interviewing methods; it’s inefficient to do really well and doesn’t provide the platform for the various media you’ll need to use for branding.

Video interviewing, however, does enable you to efficiently promote your employer brand through the interview stage, giving candidates better insight into your culture while providing them with a more convenient experience.

How?  Here are just a few ideas to get you going.

  1. Interview the CEO about corporate vision and values.
  2. Ask the hiring manager to describe the impact the particular position has on the corporate goals.
  3. If employees will work with cutting edge technology, or contribute to producing a popular product, show them.
  4. Tell your top employees’ stories and how they achieved success in that position.
  5. Let customers tell their stories about how they’ve been positively impacted by your employees.
  6. Introduce the team candidates will work with.

If you have a marketing department, co-opt them into the process to help with content creation.  They’re already involved in communicating your brand to consumers, and can be an invaluable resource in developing content that’s polished and consistent with other corporate messaging.

Want to see how it works?  Schedule a 30 minute demo and we’ll show you how to incorporate interviewing into your employer branding efforts.


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