6 AI Recruiting Tools to Use in 2023

Caroline Chessia | September 29, 2023

In 2023, keywords like “generative AI,” “chatbots,” and “large language models” take up an outsized share of Google searches and conference sessions. 

While some of that chatter makes grandiose promises, the truth is simply that AI, when used ethically, is just another 21st Century tool in your toolbox—there to help you work a little faster, with a little less manual effort.

Let’s take a look at how today’s smartest recruiters are using AI to accelerate their productivity—without losing the human touch that is so essential to the hiring process. Recruiters that aren’t using AI to simplify their tasks because AI is too complex/confusing to start with might fall behind (or–at the very least–have a ton more work on their plate). You don’t want to be like a Blockbuster Video store before the onset of streaming–so learn and use AI technology to help yourself out.

What Is The Role Of AI Recruitment?

Before we dig deeper, let’s get one thing straight: the best recruiters are human. Recruiters lean on their intuition, compassion, and strategic thinking to foster successful and happy hires. They do this based on their years of experience, unique conversations with candidates, and deep knowledge of their company and market, team dynamics, and a hiring manager’s needs. No “bot” or formula factors that in as well as they will.

Recruiters should always look to AI tools to simplify human work, not as a full replacement for human to human interaction. All of the things that make you, you, are invaluable to the work you do with candidates every day, so be sure to stay on top of the tools that are out there and recommit to the important work of treating every candidate with fairness, transparency, and compassion. 

How Is AI Used In Recruiting?

AI can help you screen and compare candidates, predict culture matches, and source talent from all over the web. It can be a great help in reducing the time you spend digging through resumes, developing pithy and punchy job descriptions, writing up interview questions, and more. 

What can you expect to find when you search for “AI for recruiters”?

Armed with the right AI model and tools, recruiters will be able to:

  • Improve time-to-hire. AI tools can supplement human expertise by speeding up your processes, cutting out some manual research and helping you think through pros and cons more quickly.
  • Optimize your processes. By using AI to look inward, you can find any weak points in your recruiting workflows and improve operations to move candidates along more quickly.
  • Uncover hidden biases. Some AI tools for recruiting can help you silence your own biases by analyzing your interview questions and job requirements, interpreting employee and candidate demographics, and more.

Still, as we’ve mentioned, approaching AI with prudence is key. You’ll want to implement any applications thoughtfully to avoid areas of risk. For example:

  • Don’t eliminate the personal touch. Candidates want to engage with people, not just software, to ensure the best recruiting experience.
  • Keep using your instincts. Don’t let a computer dismiss or elevate candidates without some human validation.
  • Beware of transparency and compliance concerns. You should vet any AI tools you use for data quality and fairness, and ensure they are built to comply with data privacy, anti-discrimination, and labor laws.

The Best AI Recruiting Tools

Ready to get started to see how AI can help accelerate your recruiting work? Check out some of our favorite AI tools for recruiters.

#1: interviewstream’s AI Recruiting Assistant

HR professionals have a lot to juggle. Whether you’re spending your day writing job descriptions, connecting with candidates, managing internal communications, or blasting some exciting news on social media, there’s always more to be done—and better ways to do it.

AI Recruitment Assist in the interviewstream platform is ready to help. Using generative AI and large language models, it helps you draft up these tasks and more. Staring at a blank page is the hardest part of many of these tasks; let AI Recruitment Assist tackle that first draft to give you a more efficient start.

#2: Manatal

If you need a more streamlined way to source candidates, manage your talent pipeline, compare applications, and evaluate your processes, Manatal can help. This AI-powered tool offers an easy-to-use interface that can help consolidate these tasks into one place and move you across status updates and analytics quickly.

The software even offers some assistance with onboarding, so you can track your new hires’ progress as well as build comprehensive candidate profiles to aid in your recruitment flow.

#3: interviewstream’s AI Interview Question Assist

Tired of coming up with new interview questions time and time again? It can be tough to translate a hiring manager’s wants and needs into insightful, understandable questions that can be posed throughout the screening and interview process—especially if the job requires some skill set that’s not familiar to you.

Within interviewstream, you can use AI Interview Question Assist to input those loose guidelines and ask the system to generate effective, high-quality questions for you, right away.

#4: ResumeGlow

From advising applicants to helping out a friend on the job hunt, recruiters are often asked for their expertise to help optimize others’ resumes. It feels good to help when you can—especially when you know you’re looking at stellar talent whose presentation just needs a little polishing.

But all that advising adds up, right? That’s where we like to tap ResumeGlow for help. This resource helps candidates build optimized resumes, generate summaries and cover letters to help give them a head start on applications, and even craft more impactful LinkedIn bios. Suggest this as a first step to those seeking your input, and then use your human expertise to really bring their materials to the next level.

#5: Mem

Though not strictly a challenge for recruiters, managing all the moving parts and open questions that come with a talent pipeline and multiple open roles is—well, it’s not easy. All those notes, appointments, materials, and names can so easily become jumbled and get lost as you move from day to day.

With a knowledge assistant like Mem, you can bring all this chaos into order by organizing everything more thoughtfully in a single place. The coolest part of Mem’s AI is how you can simply ask questions to find answers from all those notes and resources immediately, without any manual digging. 

#6: ChatGPT

Yes, we know, everyone is talking about ChatGPT—but that’s because it’s just really fun and beneficial across so many use cases. A good chatbot can help you get your creativity moving and test out ideas before bringing them to your team, ensuring a better first impression when you deliver fine-tuned results.

For example, recruiters can use ChatGPT to:

  • Test out interview questions with mock interviews.
  • Ask for help weighing the pros and cons of two late-stage, exemplary candidates.
  • Practice responses to negotiations with candidates or hiring managers.
  • Write Boolean search strings for candidate searches with super-specific terms and filters.

Chatbots can be not just a lot of fun to experiment with, but a great way to think “out loud” and get some input before moving ahead with new ideas or communications. Give it a try!

Using AI in Your Recruitment Process

Are you keeping up with the current trends and building the knowledge that will give you a say in how AI continues to impact your career? Check out how interviewstream’s AI recruitment assist & AI question assist can help you save time recruiting and maintain the human touch that gives candidates a great experience. See how interviewstream can help you recruit more effectively – chat with one of our experts today.

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