New Features From interviewstream: March 2023 Feature Round-Up

Drew Whitehurst | March 9, 2023

Increase your team’s efficiency and improve your candidate experience with these three new features from interviewstream! Our development team has been hard at work integrating the latest technology into our interviewing software. Which is why we’re proud to release a series of new features into our platform:

  • AI Interview Question Assist
  • Playback Speeds Options on One-Way and Recorded Live Candidate Interviews
  • Blurred and Color Backgrounds Available in All Video Interviews


1. What is AI Interview Question Assist?

Crafting the perfect set of interview questions is crucial to identifying the best candidates. Easier said than done. Choosing the right questions requires time, intentionality, and expertise. Which is why we’ve leveraged a popular large language machine learning model to provide AI interview question assistance in our on demand interview tool. 

The AI-powered interview question assist feature:

  • Reduces the time it takes to create effective interview questions while maintaining a high level of quality. 
  • Enhance the process of creating interview questions that are consistent and objective, resulting in fair and unbiased interview processes.
  • Allows recruiters to leverage machine learning algorithms to develop interview questions based on the job description and industry-specific criteria.

We’ve been keeping an eye on AI for some time now, and know that the thought of AI in HR can be both exciting and concerning. interviewstream wants to make sure that we’re using AI in ethical and effective ways that don’t perpetuate biases or take away from the importance of human expertise and experience.

Our AI Interview Question Assist feature is a great example of how AI can be used in a positive way. We’ve put a lot of work into making sure that this tool helps our customers make better hiring decisions without sacrificing the human touch that’s so important during the hiring process.

The AI Question Assist feature is currently available in beta to a sampling of clients and will be released fully in the coming weeks. To use the feature, click the AI Assist icon in the top right corner, give the AI Assist tool relevant details about the position you’re interviewing for (including the level, industry, and any skills or qualifications you’re looking for) and let AI assist you by suggesting questions for your interview.

2. Playback Speeds Options on One-Way and Recorded Live Candidate Interviews

Control the playback speed of candidate interviews with this new feature. The benefits of this feature are two-sided:

  1. Time savings: For HR pros looking to save time, faster playback speeds allow hiring teams to save valuable time during the hiring process by reviewing and analyzing on demand digital interviews and recorded live interviews at a faster speed. 
  2. Fine-Tuned Reviewing: The option to slow down a candidate’s interview is also available in this release. HR professionals can focus on specific parts of the interview, replay questions, and assess the candidate’s skills and expertise with more detail and efficiency.

To access this feature, navigate to any of the video records in your account, click the 1x icon in the video player, and choose from speeds ranging from .5x, .75x, 1x, 1.25x, and 1.5x.

3. Blurred and Color Backgrounds Available in All Video Interviews

Finding the perfect backdrop for your video interviews can be a difficult task for both job seekers and recruiters. Background distractions like a cluttered room, pets moving in the background, or even wall art can detract from the conversation and impact the overall experience on both sides of the interview. 

With our new blurred and color background feature, candidates and recruiters can focus solely on the interview, regardless of the environment they are in. The virtual backgrounds feature is available in on demand interviews, live interviews, and all video recording interfaces inside interviewstream. 


These new features aim to make your digital interview process more efficient and improve your candidate experience. Give them a try today and be on the lookout for the full AI Interview Question Assist feature to be fully released in the coming weeks. If you’re Interested in learning more about how interviewstream can improve your hiring process, fill out this form to chat with a hiring expert today.
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