How to Avoid Recruiter Burnout in 3 Steps

Drew Whitehurst | January 20, 2022

Due to the pandemic and a rapid pivot to work from home and virtual recruitment, it is no surprise that 61% of recruiters have reported an increase in work-related stress.In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recruiter’s role has become even more challenging. Due to the increased competitive candidate landscape, fewer employees are being hired – in turn leading to less productivity, a less than ideal recruitment system, and some very real recruiter burnout. 

Due to the pandemic and a rapid pivot to work from home and virtual recruitment, it is no surprise that 61% of recruiters have reported an increase in work-related stress. HR has the fifth-highest turnover rate at 14.6%

This turnover rate can be attributed to a lack of resources, lengthy recruitment systems, and an unstructured recruitment process. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can help avoid recruiter burnout by streamlining your hiring process with time-saving technology, such as video interviews and interview scheduling solutions. 

Step 1: Revise How You Schedule Interviews

Scheduling for interviews can be a nightmare. Sometimes it can take days of back and forth phone calls, emails, and calendar syncing to simply schedule a time for a quick phone interview. Then recruiters are back at square one if the candidate drops out or moves forward. 64% of recruiters take two or more days to schedule an interview. 

If a recruiter has to set up interviews with five candidates, that equates to 7.5 hours (almost one entire workday) lost to scheduling interviews! Add to the average cost of an open position ($500.00) and it’s not difficult to see why recruiters are stressed.

But, we can change this! By integrating time-saving technology into the hiring process, you save your recruiters time, increase productivity, and avoid recruiter burnout. Using an interview scheduler reduces scheduling time by 84% and gives your hiring team the time back to focus on what matters most… your candidates. 

Step 2: Review More Interviews, Faster With One-Way Video Interviews

Finding fresh talent is not only challenging (considerably more so amidst the current talent shortage) but also incredibly time-consuming. On average, it takes 42 days to fill a position – and that number can jump up if the position requires technical knowledge. The lengthy process creates stress and frustration for recruiters – especially now that having a short hiring process can make the difference between signing your candidate and having them accept another job offer. 

So, how do you shorten the process to not only lessen the burden of recruiters but also give your candidates a positive candidate experience

By using a tool specifically designed for efficient virtual interviewing… one-way video interviews. These interviews can be completed outside of business hours, creating both flexibility for the candidate and the hiring team, unlike a traditional phone screen. So, replace your phone screen with one-way video interviews and shorten your hiring process by 58%.

Step 3: Train Your Recruiters To Work As A Team And Structure Their Interviews

A structured interview process not only decreases bias and increases efficiency, but it also puts all members of the hiring team on the same page. A structured interview process can help recruiters get the information that matters (the candidate’s skills and experience pertinent to the role) while eliminating all the small talk.

A structured interview process extends to the candidate’s perception of their recruitment as well – fewer candidates drop off the map with more transparency. Tell your recruiters to be as candid as possible with their candidates about the hiring process – the number of steps, interviews, and what to expect after each step. Much of recruiter burnout stems from the scarcity of candidates. Make your company a place candidates want to work and your recruiters won’t have to hustle so hard to attract applicants.

Eliminate Recruiter Burnout with interviewstream

Retaining your recruitment team (especially in such a volatile job market) is essential to the success and growth of your company. Recruiters have been on a recruitment rollercoaster since 2020… at one end, lacking the money and opportunities to hire when there was an excess of candidates, and at the other, a candidate-driven market that makes it hard to get applicants in the door. 

Recruiters must adjust quickly to the ever-changing recruitment landscape, but they need help to do so, and we believe video interviewing and scheduling tools are the answer. Talk to an expert today to get started on transforming your recruitment process. Give your recruiters the tools they need to help sign on the right talent, faster.

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