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Drew Whitehurst | March 23, 2022

With adequate training and support, onboarding technology does not have to be intimidating or frustrating.Digital transformation, a catchall term for the implementation of technologies, talent, and processes to improve business operations, is happening all around us at a fast pace. Technology, above all, can simplify labor-intensive processes – but only when it’s easy to adopt and use. 

The pivot to remote everything made virtual recruiting a necessity – it has now become one of the most used technologies in the hiring process. The use of video interviewing technology for recruitment and hiring has become an HR essential, not only because of benefits including stronger candidates and faster placement but also because these time-saving tools help recruiters avoid burnout. However, only 16% of HR professionals are prepared to adapt to a virtual recruiting and hiring process.

Bringing in new technology can increase productivity, but it can take a minute for your team to adapt. Change can be difficult and initial onboarding of new technology can cause confusion and lost productivity. However, with adequate training and support, incorporating virtual interviewing technology will have your team gaining back productivity hours ASAP. And this is where interviewstream has got you covered, with step-by-step guides, courses, and live trainings.

Train Recruiters with In-App Guided Tours

Only 37% of human resource managers are confident in their ability to adopt and use new technology. But, if they had support and training while adopting new technology, that number would likely increase quite drastically. 

Say hello to in-app guided tours, designed to help you and your HR team learn and integrate the interviewstream platform quickly and confidently, sans confusion. 

As you take these tours, messages will pop up for every action, guiding you through the process…and making setting up that first interview a breeze. It will walk you through creating requisitions and interviews, creating templates, inviting candidates with interview scheduler, and even syncing your calendar. An easy introduction to interviewstream for any new recruiters, and the perfect refresher for any user who hasn’t interacted with the technology in a while.

Learn How To Use interviewstream As An Administrator, User, Or Candidate

Solid technology training prepares end users of the interviewstream platform to adopt the tools designed to make their job easier. Here is where the interviewstream training center comes in – a one-stop-shop to becoming an interviewing expert. 

The training center has all the materials needed to learn the ins and outs, tips and tricks, and best practices to not only give your HR team the support they need to make use of the technology but also make the most of their interviewstream experience. 

From free product courses to industry- and integration-specific usage tips, the training center gives you access to every tool and support your HR team could possibly need to become virtual recruitment and interview experts.

Speak With Your Client Success Manager

Everyone uses interviewstream differently and has specific recruitment goals they would like to accomplish. We’re here to help you with anything you’d like to change or personalize – from branding your video interviews to hosting an in-depth training session with your new talent acquisition team.

From the moment you adopt interviewstream technology, you’ll have a specific person there to guide you through the onboarding process. Additionally, after the initial set-up period, they will check in with you regularly to make sure you’re reaching your recruitment goals and target any improvement opportunities.

Make New Technology Adoption Quick And Effortless With interviewstream

97% of employers in 2022 are set to increase their investments in recruiting technology, so your HR team must be on board. In a candidate-driven market, your team needs the tools to recruit top candidates and get them in the door quickly – and these tools need to be easy to adopt and use. Talk to an expert today to find out more on how to adopt interviewstream technology.

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Drew Whitehurst is the Director of Marketing at interviewstream. He's been with the company since 2014 working in client services and marketing. He is an analytical thinker, coffee enthusiast, and hobbyist at heart.


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