How to Incorporate Video Interviewing Platforms into your K12 Hiring Process

Caroline Chessia | October 13, 2021

It takes the latest technology to modernize and streamline your K12 hiring processSchool budgets are ripe for hiring as government officials seek ways to minimize the negative impact of the COVID-19 public health crisis. In addition to a healthy stream of quality teachers, many administrations will be looking to hire additional personnel to keep up with new demands for counselors, janitors, and virtual instructors. Staying ahead of hiring challenges is a sign of superior school administration, but it takes the latest technology to truly modernize and streamline your K-12 hiring processes.

One way school districts can compete with the teacher shortage (and the general employee shortage) is by using video interviewing platforms to cut down on hiring time. Video interviewing and scheduling solutions give candidates autonomy over their job search by allowing them to schedule and complete interviews whenever and wherever works for them. We’ve laid out a few ways to implement video interviewing platforms into your K12 hiring process to save you time and money. 

Instead Of A Screening Call, Try A One Way Video Interview

One way video interviews can save you time and money is by cutting down on lengthy phone screens. One school district reported a time saving of 33% from switching to video interviewing. Screening calls are long, tend to diverge into non-interview topics, and have to be made within the administrators’ hours—hours that teachers, substitutes, and other school personnel are already working. 

Flexible one-way video interviews can be set up in advance with interview on-demand, allowing candidates to respond to interview questions at any time, from the place of their choosing. This is especially useful during busy summer months when many candidates and hiring personnel are on vacation. Likewise, the flexibility of video interviews benefits candidates that are already employed or still in school. 

Implementing one way interviews is an efficient way to modernize your hiring process, but they have other uses as well. Some school districts use them as a way for their employees to provide feedback to the school in a virtual setting. You can reduce employee turnover by virtually checking in with new hires on a routine basis—just send them scheduled invites to complete one way video interviews and watch at your leisure.

Use Live Interviews To Showcase Your School

Phone calls can be impersonal, but video interviewing platforms provide a more engaging space to get to know your applicant. You can show your candidate what the school looks like, introduce them to other teachers or students, and get a better feel of their teaching style through video. After this past year filled with virtual learning, you can even ask your candidate to present a lesson via video.

Live video interviews provide a purpose-built space for a two-way video conversation between K12 administrators and candidates. School administrators can comment, share, and replay these interview videos. The best part is that two-way and one-way interviews can be scheduled by the candidates themselves using interview scheduler to cut down on administrative hassle and improve response rates. 

What Video Interviewing Looks Like With interviewstream

The education sector is facing a shortage of teachers to cope with the ever-increasing number of students. Combine that with the loss of education that has impacted students after COVID-19, and it’s more important than ever to make smart hiring decisions that will provide students with excellent teachers.

School districts across the USA use interviewstream to create a personalized, branded interview process and connect with a larger pool of candidates while cutting down on time-to-hire. We’d love to chat with you to see how interviewstream’s dedicated video interviewing platform for K12 could fit into your hiring process.

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