How Insurance Agencies are Innovating with Video Interviewing Tools

Drew Whitehurst | July 7, 2021

Since 2003, interviewstream has been the global pioneer in video interview software; beginning in the university space with the goal of helping students develop soft skills for interviewing, and expanding to work with organizations to bring efficiencies to the hiring process. 

Since then, we added to our portfolio by helping the insurance industry adopt video interviewing tools to aid in connecting with program enrollees and modernizing the manual scheduling process.

If you’re unfamiliar with the types of video interviewing tools and their benefits, here’s a quick summary:

interviewstream Tools

  • interview on demand: one way video interviews that you can use to reach top candidates before your competitors. Since these interviews can be completed anytime, anywhere, most candidate responses are received within 24 hours. These interviews decrease the time you spend interviewing candidates by 80% and can reduce your total time-to-offer by 58%.
  • interview scheduler: scheduling tool that enhances communication between hiring teams and job applicants. Candidates pick a time for their interview directly from your team’s calendar availability – eliminating the back-and-forth phone calls and emails. Companies can reduce the time they spend scheduling interviews by 84%, schedule 80% of candidates within 24 hours and reach 30% more candidates for each position.
  • interview connect: live video interviews that allow you to interview remotely in real-time. These live video interviews allow you to recruit candidates from around the world to hire top talent, save 45% of your hiring costs, and attract the 81% of applicants who see digital interviews as “innovative.”

The Benefits of Video Interviewing

  1. Connect with a larger group of candidates without struggling to schedule interviews
  2. Fill open positions more quickly and with less stress
  3. Encourage more collaboration among employees tasked with hiring

How Insurance Companies are Using interviewstream

Using the benefits of video interviewing tools, insurance companies are updating old-fashioned manual processes and connecting with prospective and existing enrollees using video interviewing and our online scheduling tools.

For example, consider one of our success stories: Colonial Life. Started in 1937, Colonial Life provides critical support to employees affected by accident, illness, or injury. Before 2015, the insurance company’s teams used a manual process to book meetings with prospective enrollees. They relied on a similar process of hardcopy signup sheets and telephone calls and to set up benefit discussion appointments. Our interview scheduler changed all that.

Using remote interviewing tools provided many benefits immediately:

  • The attendance rate at company branches went up – from 48 to 80 percent after implementing interviewstream.
  • Employee bandwidth increased to take on additional enrollees – growing from $25,000 to $60,000 in benefits.
  • Some benefits counselors reached a 100% participation rate among enrollees.
  • The laborious manual intake process was replaced with an email containing the interview link.
  • Counselors were thriving with more productive days and better control over their daily schedules.

One Colonial Life executive had this to say about working with interviewstream: “By allowing employees the option of selecting an enrollment time that best fit their schedule, we were able to increase our chances for a higher turnout which led to 100% participation…I am so grateful for [interviewstream], and I encourage everyone to use it as a resource. It will certainly help make pre-enrollment communication a breeze!”

Whether you’re looking to fill vacant seats or reach out and connect with prospective program enrollees, digital interviewing with interviewstream can make the process more efficient. Try a free demo of interviewstream’s video interviewing for insurance companies to experience the difference our tools can make in your insurance company.

About The Author

Drew Whitehurst is the Director of Marketing at interviewstream. He's been with the company since 2014 working in client services and marketing. He is an analytical thinker, coffee enthusiast, and hobbyist at heart.


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