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Recruit the next generation of insurance talent

Close the age gap and future-proof your workforce with the interviewing company that understands how to shift your hiring focus and uncover younger, rising talent. Close recruitment gaps by interviewing more quickly and efficiently, while maintaining a great candidate experience.

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Male insurance agent using video interviewing tools to attract a new generation of insurance talent.

Close the Widening Generational Gap

Build a multi-generational workforce that drives growth

The average age of insurance agents in the US is 56 while the national average of retirement is only 63-65. To avoid a talent shortage in the next 7-9 years, you must rebuild your talent pool with a younger generation of professionals. With video interviewing, you can secure the future of your organization by uncovering top candidates and modernizing your hiring process to meet the expectations of a new generation of insurance talent.

Young insurance candidate completing an on-demand video interview.

Attract the Next Generation of Talent

Start investing in younger workers and up-and-coming talent

Candidates in the early stages of their careers are eager to learn, and more tech-savvy than your existing workforce, and are less expensive. With clear training and succession plans in place, your team can smoothly transition when retirees exit. The key is recruiting the younger generation before your competitors. With interview on demand, you speed up your screening process to reach 30% more top candidates while reducing the time you spend interviewing by 80%.

Young male insurance agent scheduling his video interview using interviewstream's automated interview scheduler.

Have a Long-Term Plan

Implement technology that attracts top insurance talent

With technology now ingrained in our daily lives, it’s time for you to consider your tech stack and what it says about your employer brand – are you innovative or stuck in the stone age? With video interviews, you will improve your candidates’ experience and highlight that your organization is on the cutting edge of technological advancements. In fact, 81% of candidates find digital interviews innovative.

Older female insurance agent meeting with benefit enrollees through video calls.

Simplify Your Benefit Enrollment Process

Increase the attendance rates of your benefit counseling sessions

As insurance companies look for ways to improve the manual process of booking meetings with benefit enrollees, they are turning to video interviewing and interview scheduling tools like interviewstream. Find out how Colonial Life uses interviewstream to increase attendance rates and enrollee engagement across the benefit process – even reaching 100% participation rate in some branches.

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Insurance Integrations Available

Manage your interviewing process from a single platform

Integrate your applicant tracking system with interviewstream to manage the interviewing
process for all your insurance candidates efficiently from one user-friendly platform.

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