Recruiting Gen Z: What’s Important to Generation Z During the Interview Process

Esteban Gomez | March 9, 2022

Gen Z is looking for long-term commitments in their first job - with 35% of job seekers hoping to spend at least four years at their first job.COVID-19 brought about the Great Resignation and with it a labor shortage that companies are still trying to stabilize. A caveat to the labor shortage, which companies are beginning to understand, is the percentage of workers who retired early and are not coming back. With the Boomer generation exiting the workforce faster than average, companies need to refocus their attention on recruiting Gen Z to fill employment gaps.

Generation Z includes people born between 1997 and 2012. The oldest members of this generation are now graduating college and entering the workforce. The fresh new talent is looking for long-term commitments in their first job – with 35% of job seekers hoping to spend at least four years at their first job. Companies that are short-staffed need to familiarize themselves with this generation to gain momentum in 2022.

The recruitment process for Generation Z is a long game, just like Monopoly. To keep candidates engaged, especially if there is a large gap between a job offer and the start date, recruiters will want to ensure that they have just as many points of contact as they would to pass Go on the game board. Similarly, you will want to update your interview technology for this new tech-savvy generation of candidates.

Strong Employer Connections Translates to Stability

Generation Z experienced their formative years during, and in the aftermath, of the Great Recession (December 2007 – June 2009). They saw their families worry about the value of their home, the interest rates plummeting, and an uncertain future. As they begin their careers, they are seeking stability.

Your company will want to show college students nearing graduation that you are a stable business with a strong history and bright future. Equally important, you also want to show that your company offers mentoring and networking connections – and those connections begin at the first point of contact, not the first day of employment.

Recruiters, make sure you are engaging with your candidates at each point of the hiring process, including sending out rejection letters when candidates don’t make the cut. And, for hiring processes that start in college, send your candidate/new hire check-in emails and invite them to company events.

Technology Matters

Gen Z is the first generation entering the workforce who may not have a single memory of a world without advancing technology and social media. This is the most tech-savvy generation of our times and they are not impressed with antiquated systems. Gen Z candidates are looking to fully utilize this technology to make job search convenient.

Additionally, the interview process should also be personal and convenient for your candidates. By using video interviewing software, you present your candidate with a modern, branded platform to conduct their interview. Young candidates are rapid-fire applying, and finding a way to stand out while improving their candidate experience could be the difference between a no and a yes.

Generation Z isn’t Dreaming – They’re Doing

Generation Z is a generation of doers. They want to know what they are doing is making a positive impact on the world, and they want to make sure their job is advancing their career. With this in mind, they are more likely to accept a job in a company they have never heard of that provides personal fulfillment and the opportunity to learn and develop professionally.

Younger candidates are looking for a position that will jumpstart their careers and help them learn at the same time. With that in mind, make sure your benefits are Gen-Z approved, for example, think about offering a stipend for ongoing education or a gym membership. The salary will always be the first thing a potential candidate looks at, but you can hook them with great perks and learning opportunities.

Recruit Gen-Z with Video Interviews

Generation Z is the generation that is going to fill the gaps left during the Great Resignation. It is important to remember that these new candidates entering the workforce are unlike previous generations, and they know it. They are interviewing you with the same scrutiny that you are interviewing them.

If you need an extra boost to connect with these candidates, contact a hiring expert today to talk about how our services can help you put your best foot forward to attract this innovative generation.

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