How to Integrate Video Interviewing Platforms with Hiring Fairs

Caroline Chessia | September 20, 2021

Video interviewing technology enhances your hiring fair experience from beginning to endWhen was the last time you took a look at your hiring strategy? Our guess is: when COVID-19 hit and businesses were forced to abandon in-person hiring events and quickly modernize their recruitment process. 

Video calls became a daily event, and many employers began to see the perks of online hiring. However, some businesses still like an old-school, size up your candidate by their handshake vibe, and opt for an in-person career fair. Hiring fairs and video interviews can coexist in your hiring strategy, but knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each will help you recruit with more efficiency.

Although many businesses still see the value in attending career fairs, online hiring is here to stay. Let’s face it: online hiring is less hassle, less travel, and you can review candidate’s videos or set meetings whenever you want.

That’s why we think both methods of interviewing have a place in your recruitment process. We’ve laid out how video interviewing technology enhances your hiring fair experience from beginning to end. 

Pre-screening Hiring Fair Applicants With On-demand Video Interviewing Software

When hiring fairs are done right, you can walk out the door with dozens of positions filled. They allow you to offer a job to the most qualified interviewees on the spot. If your booth is well-staffed, one person can conduct interviews, another can vet the candidates, and another can network. 

However, if your booth isn’t well-staffed, you’ll run into some issues covering all your bases. That’s where a video hiring platform comes in—you can send out invites to record on-demand video interviews to candidates you know are attending the hiring fair. Screening these candidates ahead of time allows you to hone in on the ones who are a match for your organization.

In addition, video interviews are time savers. With on-demand video interviews, you can watch a candidate answer questions on your own time—and more importantly, stop watching if you feel the candidate isn’t a fit. You don’t have to watch every single video, especially if they’ve already been eliminated by a knockout question early on. 

During the Fair: A Structured Interview

Old-fashioned hiring managers will say there’s nothing better than meeting a candidate one on one. Reading body language is essential for employers, especially as more than half of communication is non-verbal. That’s where your physical presence at a hiring fair comes in. 

You’ve already screened your applicants, so now they just have to pass the second round of interviews. If you like the applicant, you can extend an offer on the spot. Take advantage of rapid hiring at fairs—one of candidates’ top complaints is the time it takes to get a job offer.

Another way hiring software improves efficiency at hiring fairs is by planning your interview questions, chosen to highlight both hard and soft skills. Structuring your interview to avoid bias by using our built-in question bank or our interview builder to create a list of questions. By asking the same question to every applicant, you assure your fairness in the hiring process. Structured interviews also help you keep on track…no veering off to chat about your mutual love for Arrested Development.

Recruiting New Employees at Virtual Hiring Fairs

In a traditional hiring fair, your talent pool is limited by geography and availability. In a virtual fair, however, you can draw in applicants from all over the country and the world. This widens your applicant pool significantly, but you have to have the right software to deal with all your potential employees.

In a virtual setting, you need a video interviewing platform. interviewstream’s on-demand video interviews and connect interviews allow you to screen candidates and then virtually meet them to assess their competencies. These platforms allow you to watch and rewatch your favorite candidates’ interviews and share their interview videos with teammates or other decision-makers. Imagine a key decision-maker isn’t able to attend the hiring fair… with the ability to review videos, it’s as if they were there.

Video interviews make it easy to streamline your candidate experience. interviewstream offers branded platforms, question banks that tune into your specific pain points and priorities, and—best of all—we make it easy for your candidate to connect with you. Candidates appreciate a fast and flexible hiring process. If you can give them that while showing your personality and company culture at the same time… it’s a win for everyone.

What are you waiting for? Modernize your hiring process with interviewstream.

If you find yourself buried under a pile of resumes, leaving hiring fairs without a single new employee, or failing to engage new recruits—you need to look at your recruitment strategy STAT. Finding top employees starts with your recruitment process, and video interviews increase efficiency and expand your candidate pool.

We can help you modernize your recruitment process by increasing hiring efficiency while driving a better candidate experience. Reach out to connect with an interviewing expert and let us show you how our video interviewing and scheduling products can work for you.

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Caroline Chessia is the Marketing Operations Specialist at interviewstream. She loves color-coordinated graphs, hiking in the mountains, and every dog she meets—especially the Golden Retrievers.


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