On-Demand Interviewing Helps Recruiters Succeed

  | May 11, 2015

More than ever before, people choose to consume their media and entertainment through on-demand formats. Media companies from news, television and even sports leagues are adapting to this new paradigm by delivering content in new ways at the viewer’s convenience.

This same approach relates to recruiting through the rise of on-demand interviewing with video technology. Candidates now are able to take pre-recorded video interviews at their own convenience instead of scheduling time for a phone screen or travelling for initial screening interviews that aren’t guaranteed to get them to the next step. Just like with entertainment media, candidates can take on-demand interviews the way they want at the best time for them.

More and more recruiters are approaching their craft as a marketing function. Similar to any company’s sales and marketing teams, recruiters must be able to distribute their personalized, timely content to their target demographic (top talent) with the ultimate goal that top talent will consume their content and become interested in working for that company. A positive candidate experience will help to complement your recruitment team’s employer value proposition (EVP) from your recruitment marketing content. This is why allowing for flexible options such as on-demand video interviews will help your employer brand and attract more quality candidates to your organization.

Many on-demand interview technology providers (such as InterviewStream) include options to help your video interviews become an extension of your employer brand. InterviewStream Hire includes branding options for the candidate experience as well as the ability to create or upload recruitment marketing videos to be shown at the beginning and end of the video interview. These marketing opportunities will give top candidates one additional chance to consume your unique content, which will hopefully help them to decide to join your team.

Most recruiters prioritize finding quality passive candidates (those who currently have a job) to help their team. For those candidates who are busy during the day with their current employer, on-demand interviews allow them to begin the interview process at their own convenience. Passive candidates will respond well to a great candidate experience that offers flexibility throughout the process.

Mobile app developers follow a similar strategy when designing the user experience for their software. They focus on keeping key features as few taps away as possible to ensure that users don’t have to think too hard and to make sure that they don’t exit out of the app out of frustration. Your recruiting process must have that same focus on giving the talent that you want to hire fewer opportunities to drop out of the process. On-demand interviewing accomplishes this by ensuring that your recruitment process includes options to fit the schedule of busy individuals and keep top talent in the pipeline.

As with any technology, your team must find the right fit of products to support your recruitment initiatives. InterviewStream’s video technology consultants promise to truly consult with your team to find the right fit of on-demand video solutions for your organization. We offer free, no-pressure Product Tours to help you learn about how you can incorporate video interviews into your recruitment process.


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