Pre-Recorded + Video Interviewing = Awesome

  | November 15, 2013

We talk to A LOT of people about video interviewing. Whether it’s at tradeshows, on the phone, through social media, or with our family around the dinner table (it happens), most people who aren’t familiar with our product initially think of live video communication tools when they hear the term video interviewing.

Live video interviewing is an excellent way to connect with someone virtually and save on travel costs while getting a better picture of the candidate’s skills and communication abilities. At InterviewStream we now offer three different ways to chat live with a candidate or group of individuals right from our secure, web-based platform – so obviously we’re big fans of live video interviewing.

But what most people DON’T think about is our pre-recorded video interviewing tool. It’s one of the most powerful tools in an HR toolbox and can save a ton of time, money and recruiter sanity.

What is pre-recorded video interviewing?

Essentially, our pre-recorded tool allows the administrator (typically a recruiter or talent acquisition specialist) to build an interview using pre-recorded video questions or text-based questions. The administrator can completely customize the candidate experience with enhanced branding and advanced response settings.

Once the pre-recorded interview is JUST right, they can email a URL to an unlimited number of candidates with the click of a mouse. Candidates click the link and are taken to a branded portal with more information and videos highlighting the employer and open position. When they are ready, they can visit that webpage and record their video responses to the admin’s questions completely at their convenience from any internet-connected desktop, laptop, iPad, Android or iPhone. The recruiter then sits back and watches the responses flow in!

What are some of the benefits?

  1. No more hassle with scheduling and conducting dozens of phone interviews, when you can tell if the candidate will be a good fit by their response to one knockout question!
  2. No more angry hiring managers! With pre-recorded video interviews, InterviewStream administrators can securely share and collaborate on candidate responses with key hiring decision makers BEFORE scheduling an in-person interview that could potentially waste everyone’s time.
  3. Standardize the interview experience for everyone, mitigating the risk of discrimination.
  4. Cast a wider net of candidates without putting in the extra hours.


How do I get pre-recorded video interviewing for my organization?

Easy! Contact one of our highly-trained Video Technology Consultants TODAY to schedule a rapid, 20-minute demo and get more information. They can even tell you exactly how to best implement pre-recorded video interviewing into your unique hiring ecosystem – just ask!


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