The Best Recruiting Software for K12: Top Hiring Tools to Recruit Teachers Faster

Caroline Chessia | October 3, 2023

When asked what the biggest challenges they face in 2023, K-12 administrators didn’t point to test scores, graduation rates, or student engagement. Instead, they reported concerns about supporting students’ mental health, finding financial stability, and confronting staff shortages.

It isn’t easy to attract and retain exceptional teaching talent in the current landscape. Limited funding, curriculum debates, health and burnout concerns, and smaller populations of aspiring educators are all forcing K-12 recruiters to get creative and innovate in their hiring process to keep schools fully staffed.

With the right hiring software—for example: integrated applicant tracking, video interviews, and more—you can attract more top candidates and reduce your time to hire. Here’s a look at how the interviewstream platform can take your K12 recruiting program to the next level.


Use the Right Hiring Tools to Hire Great Educators

With the right hiring tools, you can set your district apart from others and attract exceptional teachers–and, most importantly, beat other school districts & boards out when it comes to extending an offer.


Put together a detailed and accurate job description

Create a job description that conveys your culture and gets applicants excited to join your team (you can even link out a video tour of your school). Then, you’ll want to share that job opening with your community and send out emails to previous applicants. interviewstream’s AI Recruitment Assist can help you create a job description, job board announcements, and emails to your candidates. See how it works in our article!


Screen candidates with on demand video interviews (replace the phone screen!)

Invite applicants to introduce themselves authentically with on demand video interviewing and save time compared to a phone screen. Using video screening in lieu of traditional phone screening can help reduce time-to-offer by 51% and decrease the time spent on each interview by 81%. 

Video interviews help school districts that screen applicants from a centralized hub – the Director of HR can send, share, and rewatch any candidate interviews. And, any stakeholders can rate and comment on their candidates, ultimately shortening the reviewing process and allowing you to get a second interview on the books faster than your competitors.


Track your hiring data to make data driven improvements

After you’ve got data in the system, check out how you could improve hiring using the data collected in your recruiting process. With advanced analytics, your recruiting team can get insight into your hiring trends, compare your metrics against industry averages, and quickly spot any bottlenecks or drop off points that you can improve for next time.


Recruit Teacher Candidates with interviewstream and Your Applicant Tracking System

Our integrations make it easy to connect with your existing ATS and centralize your recruiting operations. You’ll be able to sync your virtual interviews, minimize administrative burden on your team, and communicate with candidates from a single place—all while keeping your data secure.

You can use interviewstream with:

  • Frontline Education. A popular provider of education management, Frontline Education facilitates everyday operations like absence metrics, inventory management, and school health, as well as recruiting and hiring workflows. The integration with interviewstream can help you speed up your hiring process and provide a top-tier candidate experience. 
  • ApplyToEducation. Video interviewing is a game-changer for Canadian school boards looking to simplify their hiring process; our integration with ApplyToEducation enables administrators in Canadian schools to streamline recruitment while keeping interview data secure and expanding geographical reach to new candidate pools.
  • PowerSchool. This robust suite of K12 software solutions helps facilitate everything from payroll and finances to student readiness and community engagement. But it’s also a powerhouse of talent management, with many administrators relying on it to attract applicants and track candidates. Integrating with interviewstream enables you to use video interviewing, self-service scheduling, and more—while managing it all in one place. 

Using an applicant tracking system helps you keep your recruiting and onboarding processes organized and consistent. They enable you to create a centralized repository of information on all of your candidates and their stage in your recruitment process. Integrating with interviewstream ensures all interview data is stored and accessible in the same place, providing a full-picture view of each candidate as you move from job posting to job offer.


Retain & Develop Teachers with Innovative Onboarding

During the onboarding process, you can support teachers across your district with a digital approach—and avoid some of the burdensome, time-consuming tasks associated with issuing and processing manual paperwork. A great digital onboarding process helps spread-out teachers feel connected to your holistic district and its culture. A connected culture helps your school become a “destination district”––or a school district teachers compete to work at.

Leverage interviewstream’s features to facilitate onboarding activities like:

  • Creating a digital paperwork hub, storing all documents in one place and minimizing the risk of error or misplacing critical information.
  • Showcase your school culture with recorded onboarding materials. Using recorded videos featuring key people from your school’s or district’s leadership team can help new hires resonate with your culture and learn to associate faces with the names of people they may often only hear from via email.
  • Facilitate meaningful connections between mentors and newer teachers. Reimagine your video interviewing tools to invite experienced teachers and staff to connect with new hires, provide advice, and offer a safe space to ask questions throughout the hiring transition.
  • Using on-demand videos to collect onboarding feedback. Once all formal components of your onboarding have been completed—or even at key milestones along the way—invite your new hires to share their thoughts and suggestions. Their timely feedback can help you make big improvements for your future teachers and staff.

Use interviewstream to Get Ahead in K-12 Hiring

The interviewstream platform offers all the features and connections you need to keep recruiting workflows secure, flexible, accessible, and efficient. Learn more about how other educators leverage interviewstream to work smarter here, and please don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have any questions.

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Caroline Chessia is the Marketing Operations Specialist at interviewstream. She loves color-coordinated graphs, hiking in the mountains, and every dog she meets—especially the Golden Retrievers.


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