RolePlayPRO Combines Video with Real Life Scenarios to Improve Learning Retention

  | May 22, 2013

Waco, Texas / May 22, 2013

Announced today by InterviewStream, RolePlayPRO is the first video technology to be combined with role-playing to create a unique employee training environment. Using online video software, co-workers from locations nationwide can rehearse scenarios to improve their speaking abilities, sharpen skills and prepare for presentations.

Designed for a wide range of employees, from sales individuals to customer service representatives, the video training platform makes it easy for managers to build and assess competencies of their teams in a protected setting. Employers can use RolePlayPRO to diagnose interactive skills, practice communication skills and motivate workers to focus on the impact of their interpersonal skills.

RoleplayPRO can also help organizations to:
Analyze problems
Improve sales by practicing various selling solutions
Develop teamwork, cooperation and creative problem-solving
Build successful teams through meaningful scenarios

“We’ve harnessed the power and convenience of video to completely advance training efforts for all kinds of organizations,” explained Steve Throneberry, Chief Revenue Officer. “Managers can create real life scenarios for their team members to sharpen their interpersonal and communication skills — then review the footage and offer feedback at their own convenience and pace.”

According to the NTL Institute’s highly regarded learning pyramid, 90 percent of information learned through traditional training methods (such as reading or listening to a lecture) is typically forgotten. However, the immediate implementation and practice from video-based tools such as RolePlayPRO ensures that individuals retain the knowledge they’ve gained.

“When you consider the soaring travel costs and scheduling issues of gathering a team together for training sessions, the value of RolePlayPRO becomes obvious,” said Throneberry.

RolePlayPRO was launched and demonstrated at the ASTD International Conference and Exposition in Dallas, which continues through today. Conference attendees are encouraged to visit booth #1150 for more information and a quick product demonstration.

About RolePlayPRO

RolePlayPRO is a product of InterviewStream, Inc. Founded in 2003, InterviewStream is the global pioneer of pre-recorded and live video interviewing solutions. Over 500 clients, including corporations, executive search firms, staffing firms, global career transition firms and universities, have completed more than 500,000 interviews in over 120 countries and in eight different languages. InterviewStream is headquartered in Waco, TX and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation (BHESC).

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