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Leading finance and investment firms require a faster, easier, and more efficient hiring process. Dominate the talent landscape with an interviewing company that understands how to attract top finance talent.

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Retail recruiter reviewing a list of potential candidates for an open store associate position.

Engage Candidates With Technology

Allow your top finance candidates to stand out

In the finance world, resumes often fail to convey crucial soft skills like communication and critical thinking. Video interviewing gives job seekers a personal introduction to your recruiters and hiring managers – and attracts people who honestly want to work for your company, rather than those who simply mass-apply to every listing they find.

Candidate for a retail store manager position scheduling their next interview with the hiring team.

Schedule Interviews Quicker

Reach your top candidates before your competitors

Finance candidates are known to turn down a job offer due to a poor candidate experience. Simply put, they don’t like to be left waiting. With interviewstream’s interview scheduler, your candidates pick interview times directly from your team members’ calendars – allowing you to connect with 30% more candidates while reducing the time your team spends scheduling interviews by 84%.

Restaurant team member recording on demand interview questions for an open hostess position.

Get Ahead of the Talent Shortage

Recruit mid and high-level finance professionals more effectively

On average, it takes over a month to fill mid and high-level finance positions. With interview on demand, you give busy applicants the flexibility to interview anywhere, anytime. Most candidates typically complete their recorded interviews within 24 hours, which means you connect with more mid and high-level professional while still reducing the time you spend interviewing by 80%.

Excited retail associate using interview connect to interview with two regional managers for a store manager position.

Reduce Recruitment Expenses

Increase competitiveness and global interest in your brand

The average cost-per-hire in the financial sector is comparatively higher than in other industries, particularly due to associated costs such as airfare and hotels for in-person interviews. With interview connect, you can recruit new employees worldwide and save 45% per hire with live video video interviews that narrow down leading candidates.

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Finance Integrations Available

Manage your interviewing process from a single platform

Integrate your applicant tracking system with interviewstream to manage the interviewing
process for all your finance candidates efficiently from one user-friendly platform.

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Discover how the interviewstream platform levels up the interviewing process for your recruiters and
candidates, enabling you engage the top finance talent before your competitors.

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