Hiring manager on at a manufacturing company creating an on demand or one-way interview.

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Recruit skilled manufacturing employees

Increase your hiring effectiveness and modernize your recruitment process with an interviewing company that understands how to find the right manufacturing talent.

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Manufacturing company recruiter reviewing a candidate's recorded on-demand answers.

Reach Skilled Workers Faster

Expand your manufacturing talent pipeline

The manufacturing talent pool is not as large as it used to be but you can still expand your reach. Use interviewstream to connect your recruiters and hiring teams to a broader talent pool of skilled workers, faster.

Manufacturing team member reviewing a list of applicants for an open position at the plant.

Beat the Competition for Top Talent

Find skilled manufacturing employees, first

Candidates pass on your open roles because your competition reached them first. Give every skilled worker an immediate interview using interview on demand and secure them before your competition even responds with a time slot for an interview. And interviewstream helps with interview scheduling too.

Manufacturing candidate scheduling a time for their next interview using a tablet.

Show Your Focus On Safety Before Day One

Create an interview experience that focuses on safety

Skilled manufacturing workers today are looking for the best opportunities and safety matters. Show candidates your values through an easy, efficient, and safe interviewing experience.

Live interview between a candidate and a hiring manager at a manufacturing company.

Hire for Potential, Not Just Skill

Identify manufacturing talent with upskill potential

Reset your interview process so that you not only know about current skills but also identify a candidate’s potential to learn the new technical skills that your manufacturing plant or company needs today.

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You’re in good company

Join more than 900 organizations worldwide who use interviewstream to find
qualified, skilled workers faster and for less.

Manufacturing Integrations Available

Manage your interviewing process from a single platform

Integrate the applicant tracking system you rely on with interviewstream, and
keep all your candidate information in one place.

More resources for manufacturing hiring challenges

Here’s why interviewstream is a leader in video interviewing and hiring
skilled workers for the remote hiring in the manufacturing industry.

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