Retail hiring manager creating a live connect interview for a candidate.

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Recruit retail and restaurant employees create a great customer experience

Your customers are what keeps your retail stores running, so hire employees that give them a great experience. Using video interviewing and scheduling, you can hire great retail employees 80% faster and extend your reach by 30%. Recruit your ideal candidates before competitors while cutting recruiter hours.

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Retail recruiter reviewing a list of potential candidates for an open store associate position.

Reach Candidates Faster

Recruit retail and restaurant team members faster

Retail recruiters have seen candidate numbers go from a full stream to a slow trickle. Agile recruitment strategies and hiring tech that breaks down barriers and increases efficiencies can help you recruit candidates before your competition. Video interviewing and scheduling cuts down the amount of time you dedicate to each interview (by 80%!) and allows you to seamlessly follow up with your candidates via email or text from the same, easy-to-use platform.

Candidate for a retail store manager position scheduling their next interview with the hiring team.

Simplify Scheduling Your Next Interview

Schedule candidate interviews more easily

Cut hundreds of hours of back-and-forth from your store or restaurant’s candidate screening process. Automate the most challenging part of your hiring process using interview scheduler. Candidates are able to schedule interviews directly onto your calendar, cutting down on time between application and interview. Get the first pick of your top candidates.

Restaurant team member recording on demand interview questions for an open hostess position.

Show Candidates What Matters To You

Create a flexible interview process that shows your values

Retail and restaurant employees today are looking for an employer that values them and their time. They want to work at modern companies that prioritize flexibility. Show candidates that you value their time by sending them invitations to submit pre-recorded video interviews. Candidates can complete their interview on their own time (and many choose to complete after the 9-5 working hours). Level up your candidate experience while cutting down on recruiter hours.

Excited retail associate using interview connect to interview with two regional managers for a store manager position.

Identify Potential In Your Current Employee Base

Fill open management roles With current team members

Looking for your next great manager? Run an internal hiring process using interviewstream and find your next manager in your current employee base or at least your next great team member referral. Build out an interview guide with interview builder and create your internal candidate pool using interview connect. Interview employees in different offices and time zones and share the results with your team.

Retail Integrations Available

Manage your interviewing process from a single platform

Integrate the applicant tracking system you rely on with interviewstream, and
keep all your candidate information in one place.

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