Unique Ways to Leverage Remote Hiring Platforms

Drew Whitehurst | January 19, 2021

We were able to increase our chances for a higher turnout which led to 100% participation.

Last year, amongst countless organizational changes, companies had to rework the way that they hire talent. As a result, a lot of businesses invested in remote hiring platforms, integrating the software into their tech stacks overnight.

Now, many are starting to plan for their next fiscal year and it’s a good time to circle-back and look into how remote hiring platforms can be used in different ways within your company. To kick start that process, we asked our clients to share the most unique ways they’re leveraging interviewstream today – here’s what we found out.

To streamline internal scheduling

Picture this: It’s 2015 and your insurance provider just sent over a sign-up sheet for benefits counseling, which HR posts in the break-room for team members to schedule meeting times. First you probably ask yourself, a paper sign-up sheet? Really? And, almost immediately following that question, does anyone even fill these things out. Turns out, not really.

Insurance companies have consistently struggled with the manual process of booking meetings with potential and pre-existing enrollees. The sign-up sheet approach mentioned above wasn’t a great solution – booking appointments was hit or miss, and even those that were scheduled didn’t always show up. Counselors ended up being tied to their phones for hours throughout the day with little to show for it.

The team at Colonial Life was confident there had to be a better way and, turns out, they were right. Today, the voluntary benefits insurance company uses interview scheduler to schedule employee benefits counseling sessions (AKA interviews). They now simply send a link to the employees of the companies they support for workers to schedule time directly and at their convenience – no bulletin board involved.

Since making the shift to remote scheduling, Colonial Life attendance rates have seen a jump from an average of 48% to 80%. An individual branch even reached 100% participation rate with their employees, resulting in $35,000 more business than they’d originally projected!

To train employees and/or volunteers

Managers are also leveraging remote hiring platforms and video interviewing tech to train their employees on how to handle complex situations in the workplace- after all, to improve and upskill team members effectively (or maybe even identify those with the potential to upskill) it is a lot like an interview. These leaders start by developing hypothetical questions or scenarios for their teams to then respond to and role play.

Using two-way interviews, managers and training teams can facilitate the role play as another participant in the conversation and provide instant feedback to their teams. With one-way videos, managers can also review an employee’s recorded responses at any time, leaving constructive notes directly in the platform for their team members. The best part? Teams can repeat this cycle as many times as they see fit, guaranteeing that workers enter or adapt within their roles with the tools they need to succeed.

To check in on new hires

Organizations like Suburban Hospital, a Member of Johns Hopkins Medicine in Bethesda, Maryland, have begun to not only use video interviewing to help recruit new employees, but also to aid in the post-hire feedback and onboarding process. Suburban Hospital does this in the form of 30/90/180 day check-ins with new employees. Here’s how it works:

Employees are asked questions such as what has worked well for them in their new role, what could be improved, and how supported they feel. They’re also asked things such as whether the hospital is living up to the promises made in the recruitment process and if they know of any potential candidates for other jobs that are open.

New employees then respond through text using the same system they initially used to interview. The employee responses are reviewed by a manager with the intent of helping improve the onboarding and success of new employees overall (you could almost call this a new employee success survey).  Suburban Hospital’s process not only improves the immediate satisfaction and success of these new hires, but also improves future new hire and onboarding processes.

To prepare students (or really any candidate) for the digital world

In the past, we’ve often spoken about college students preparing for the working world – interview prep has been a game changer for soon-to-be university grads, particularly so in the past year with the majority of the job hunt taking place virtually.

The fact is though, the prep process can, and should, be happening even earlier in a student’s educational journey. Regardless of what a high school student plans to do after graduation, they should enter their next chapter of life with interview skills (and confidence) under their belt. With the right preparation, they can excel at:

  • Job interviews
  • College admissions interviews
  • Scholarship interviews
  • Internship interviews
  • Program interviews (like study abroad or Greek life)
  • & more!

Teachers at any level have ample opportunity to introduce video interviews into their curriculum, and there’s no better time than now. After all, today, nearly twice as many employees are working from home than at a physical business – with 42% of the U.S. labor force having no plans to go back to the office any time soon. Developing strong video interviewing skills is the next natural step for high schoolers in their development.

Beyond high school students though, any candidate entering the job hunt today needs to be prepared in a different way and we’ve heard a few rumors that companies are starting to think differently about preparing their candidates for the interview process a bit differently as they enter 2021.

So – how can your organization leverage remote hiring software creatively this year?

Asking that question is a great starting point. Consider organizational inefficiencies, consistent frustrations facing your team members (or students), and professional development. Pinpoint areas for growth, whether that be via skill-building, improving communication, or streamlining processes. Then, let’s talk about how you can leverage the interviewstream platform to reach those goals – because we are willing to bet you have some creative and unique ideas as well.

There’s no better time to set new initiatives in motion than the onset of a new year – set up time to discuss your needs with your interviewstream Customer Success Manager or schedule a time to chat with one of our solution experts now!

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