February Product Round-Up: interview insights Advanced Analytics

Drew Whitehurst | February 21, 2023

Tracking data in your hiring process can become almost a job in itself. But, to hire competitively, you need to know where you can improve your recruitment process. Which is why interviewstream is excited to introduce our new advanced reporting product – interview insights.

With interview insights, you can solve these hiring issues:

  • Where are you losing candidates in your hiring funnel?
  • How do your hiring results and processes stack up against other companies in your industry?
  • Where can you and your team be more effective?

Understanding your hiring data allows you to identify your company’s recruiting strengths and weaknesses. With your data-informed insights, you can create efficiencies in your hiring process and decide how to best use your talent acquisition team’s time and budget. Interested? Sign up for a demo today.

Take a look at what interview insights can do for you below.


Visualize Your Hiring Process Data

With insights, your product suite data is available inside the interviewstream interviewing platform. Dashboards display reports like the total number of one way video interviews your team has completed, broken down by recruiter, job requisition, and date range. 

You can also see where candidates are dropping off in your process. Are your candidates completing the whole interview? Are they dropping off after the invitation, or a few questions into the interview? Visualize your interviewing data to track your hiring metrics and know where to adjust your process to get better results from your candidate pool, improve candidate experience, and your quality of hire.

If you’re using interview scheduler, you can view the number of events scheduled and the length of time it takes candidates to schedule a meeting time. You can also see popular day and time slots so that your team can prepare their calendars accordingly for the best possible attendance rates and speed to hire.


Compare Your Metrics to Others in Your Industry 

We’ve done the competitive intel work for you. From the insights dashboard you’ll also see how your hiring stats stack up against other competitors in your industry. Are your interview completion or interview scheduling rates lower than others in your industry? Do your attendees schedule meeting times faster than other companies?

Understanding how you compare to other companies allows you to gain a competitive edge over your competition. Work smarter, not harder, and hire top talent before your competitors.*


Access and Use Your Data Anywhere

In interview insights, your data is available on any device with a browser and can easily be filtered and exported to a standard file format for use in other applications.

Does your organization use specific reporting frameworks or tools to report to management? Export your interviewstream data to use in the tools that already exist in your organization’s process.

In short, insights allows you to identify patterns and trends in your recruiting efforts, telling you where you need to improve now in order to make the best hiring decisions in the future.

Talk to one of our hiring experts today to learn more.


About interviewstream

interviewstream is an industry leading interviewing software company that helps you reach your top candidates more effectively. Our customers have completed over 3 million interviews using interview builder, interview on demand, interview scheduler, and interview connect, and we’d love to help you as well. Talk to an expert today to learn how to get started.

*Benchmarking data in insights is compared to other interviewstream users in your industry. Data available for the solutions you subscribe to today including on demand, connect, and scheduler.

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