How Interview Scheduling Software Helps Recruiters Save Time

Drew Whitehurst | August 17, 2020

Recruiters often spend several hours per week simply coordinating interview scheduler pull quote

Despite being only a minor part of the hiring process, interview scheduling is a consistent and inevitable timesuck that steals hours from recruiters every week. That lost time equates to lost opportunities — instead of focusing on revenue-generating tasks, hiring pros are in a constant loop of scheduling, rescheduling, and re-rescheduling.

Automated scheduling software, like interview scheduler, is working to break that cycle. On average, scheduler has helped businesses reduce their time spent scheduling interviews by 84%. Here are a few ways that we can help you and your recruiting team save time.

We Handle the Logistics

Manual scheduling is a tedious process that’s error-prone. Between making typos, scheduling in the wrong time zone, or forgetting critical meeting links, there’s ample opportunity for confusion and miscommunication. Because of this, the interview scheduler tool allows your team to take back days-worth of time previously spent on logistics — one business saved more than 830 hours last year by making the switch to automated scheduling.

With scheduler, sending invitations to candidates is as simple as a click of a button. Just sync your calendar with the platform — our pre-written emails enable you to share your private calendar link with requisitions, who then pick a time to meet at their convenience. You no longer need to scour your schedule for availability; just keep your calendar updated and interview scheduler takes care of the rest.

To streamline the scheduling process even further, the software directly integrates with applicant tracking systems. Through an ATS, you can seamlessly sync requisitions and evaluate applicants in one place, moving candidates through the interview process more quickly.

Candidates Like Having a Sense of Control

Right now, 76% of hiring professionals believe that attracting quality candidates is their largest challenge. Unfortunately, 63% of candidates are dissatisfied with communication from most potential employers and companies stand to lose as many as 89% of potential candidates due to prolonged screening processes.

interview scheduler improves candidate engagement by giving candidates a sense of control over their hiring process. The flexibility and ease of using the platform has resulted in 80% of candidates scheduling their interview within 24 hours of receiving an invitation.

Not only can they plan the interview to fit their busy schedule, the back-and-forth of coordinating a meeting time is completely cut out, sending candidates to the next phase of the screening process more quickly than manual scheduling. The confirmation email they receive is also automatic — leaving you to simply prep questions and show up. Instead of losing candidates, with scheduler, interview completion rates actually improve (like this global consulting group that now has an interview completion rate of 87%).

Recruiters Can Screen Even More Candidates

Hiring managers using interview scheduler to streamline their processes have seen great results. On average, recruiters are able to interview 30% more candidates and, as a result, have reduced time-to-offer by 58%. With more time back in their day, recruiters can spend those hours where it really counts — building stronger relationships, growing their talent pipeline, and screening more candidates to uncover the best talent possible.

Save Time, and Improve Your Bottomline, with interview scheduler

The proof is in the pudding — automated interview scheduling mitigates error, improves candidate relationships, and makes life easier for your recruiters. By providing your team with a tool like interview scheduler, they can operate more effectively and uncover even better candidates. Start improving your hiring process today by scheduling your demo now — our team will get back to you within the day with more information.

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