Why Should Video Interviewing And Scheduling Be Part Of Your Long-Term Hiring Plan?

Drew Whitehurst | December 26, 2023

The landscape of hiring is dynamic, with surpluses of candidates one year and an extremely competitive marketplace the next year. Adapting to these changes is crucial for HR leaders to recruit the right candidates. Having the right tools in your HR tech stack can help you adjust to the ebb and flow of recruitment.

Virtual interviews and interview scheduling are two tools that help recruiters both when there are too many qualified candidates as well as when there just aren’t enough. Which is why these tools should be part of your long-term hiring plan. Let’s get into some reasons why these tools help you:


Virtual Interviews Adapt to Your Hiring Strategy

Virtual interviews are not a one-size-fits-all solution, but offer adaptability to align with a company’s unique needs. First and foremost, they provide face-to-face interactions even in situations where in-person meetings are not feasible. But, there are other benefits to virtual interviews. Check out some ways our clients use them:

  • Rapid Candidate Screening: Some interviewstream clients offer candidates a chance to take a one way interview directly after applying, which enables recruiters to quickly screen and move candidates to the next stage of the interview process.
  • Screening Out Candidates: When companies have a surplus of candidates, one way interviews are a good way to screen out candidates. Not every candidate will take the interview (although most do)–so it’s a great way to focus in on the candidates that are the most engaged with your company.
  • Faster Buy-in: The ability to share and rewatch video interviews helps recruiters get the ‘yes’ from hiring managers. This moves candidates through the pipeline more rapidly than in a traditional interview process.


Virtual Interviews and Interview Schedulers Improve Collaboration

With virtual interviews, you can record, share, and rate candidates. With automated schedulers, recruiters can book interviews directly onto the hiring manager’s calendars without having to go back and forth between the candidate and hiring manager.

  • Easily rate candidates based on hiring rubrics from interviewstream or provided by your company
  • Check which candidates are the top picks for each position by sorting by rating
  • See all interviews scheduled on hiring managers’ calendars and avoid phone calls between candidates and hiring managers
Candidate video interview being evaluated in interviewstream


Hiring Tools Improve the Candidate Experience

It’s the little things that count towards making a great candidate experience. Even in times when there are few job openings and an excess of qualified candidates applying for each position, you can bet your top candidates will walk away from a position if their interviewer doesn’t show up or if the recruiter has been given the wrong information on the position.

Interview schedulers help make sure interviews are scheduled quickly and that all parties are informed if the interview is rescheduled–helping you create an efficient and candidate-friendly hiring process.


Virtual Interviews Enhance Structure and Can Lower Bias

Having a structured interview process is easier with virtual interviews. One way interviews present the same questions uniformly to each candidate, regardless of recruiter. Then, recruiters grade each candidate based on the same hiring rubric, increasing interviewing consistency.

Take a look at our guide to unbiased and objective hiring to learn more about eliminating bias from your hiring process using on demand video interviews.


Adapt your Hiring Process with interviewstream

Virtual interviewing can help you tighten up your hiring process in times of (metaphorical) feast and famine. And, having a great recruitment process means having a great candidate experience. So–don’t wait for a time when your recruiters are fighting burnout–fill out this form and ask for a demo of interviewstream today.

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