10 Video Interviewing Software Features You Should Be Using 

Caroline Chessia | March 24, 2023

Video interviewing software is used in almost every industry, but are you using every feature available to optimize your interviewing process? There are many features beyond one way video interviews, live video interviews, and simple interview scheduling. 

Your competitors are probably using these features – so if you’re not, maybe you should test them out. Here’s how you can get the most out of your virtual interviewing platform:

Integrate with Your Recruitment Software

interviewstream integrates with major applicant tracking systems so all your interviewing and recruitment data is in one place. We also have an OpenAPI which allows us to integrate with any ATS, even if it’s not on our official list of partners.

Why should you integrate your interviewing software with an ATS? You’ll be able to see all your data in one place. No need to waste time toggling between platforms. You can rate, share, and view candidate statuses within your recruitment software. 

Flexibility To Customize Your Digital Interview Interface

Adding brand colors and logos may seem like an aesthetic decision. Still, it helps guide your candidate through their interviewing experience. One feature candidates love is when companies take the time to add an intro and conclusion video to their interviews, and video record themselves asking each question.

One-Way Digital Interviews For Situational Interview Questions

One of the most common uses for video interviews is as an alternative to a phone screen interview, but another use is to ask situational questions to groups of internal candidates. For example, if you’re interviewing a substitute teacher applying to be a full-time teacher, you can ask situational questions to see how they would react in hypothetical situations.

Being able to share, re-watch, and rate each candidate’s response is useful in hiring situations when you need approval from various stakeholders. It also helps you to make an unbiased decision when interviewing multiple internal candidates.

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Instant Features: Live Instant Virtual Interview Meetings

Start a meeting without creating a requisition if you need to have a one-off conversation with a candidate. You can create a meeting link to have a two way live conversation without having to leave the platform. 

This feature is useful for those who are using video interviewing platforms and need to report on all their interactions with candidates.

Track Communications & Interview Scheduling Through an Interview Scheduler

If you need to provide reports on your communications and interviews with candidates, you’ll need more than a free scheduling app. interviewstream tracks all communications with candidates within the platform. More accountability and less work for you and your team.

Advanced Interview Scheduling For Different Positions or Locations

A simple interview scheduler allows you to schedule on a 1-on-1 basis. One candidate schedules on one hiring manager’s calendar. An advanced interview scheduler lets candidates schedule on multiple recruiters’ calendars from the same link. Interviews are scheduled round robin style, with each calendar automatically updating and blocking the time the candidate has just scheduled.

This type of interview scheduling is useful for hiring for different positions and different locations. Advanced scheduler allows you to create one page with various job listings and depending on which link the candidate clicks, it will send them to a different hiring manager. 

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Interview Scheduling For Hiring Fairs

Hiring fairs don’t have a great reputation for candidate experience. Lots of applicants waiting in lines to talk to you at your company booth for only a few minutes. This is why a lot of companies have been using advanced scheduling to send out invites to candidates attending the hiring fair. The candidate has their interview slot already assigned, resulting in happier candidates that haven’t had to wait to speak with you.

To bring your hiring fair interviewing to the next level, try combining advanced scheduler with one way virtual interviews. You can screen the candidates you’re interested in before they even arrive at the fair, and once they do arrive, you can ask more profound questions. You’ll be on round 2 of interviews before other companies have a chance to meet the candidates.

Access Advanced Reports with Your Interviewing Data 

You need to collect and report on interviewing data to make your hiring process as efficient as possible. Interview insights advanced reporting shows you key metrics for your interviewing process & provides benchmarking against other companies in your industry (*using interviewstream). 

Interview insights is the HR tech solution for companies looking to make informed decisions on where to improve their interviewing process. HR teams can:

  • Split data sets by recruiter, requisition, and workflow. 
  • See interviews scheduled by month and recruiter, overlapping time slots, and completion rates.
  • Export all your interviewing data to gain powerful insights into your start-to-end hiring process.
  • Get a full picture of your organization’s interview trends with intel on your hiring team members, candidate interactions, and completion rates.
  • Compare your organization to others in your industry on key metrics like candidate completion rate and interviewing times. 

Adapt Your HR Tech Solution To Your Company

When using an interviewing platform like interviewstream, you have almost countless ways you can configure the platform to work for you. You can combine live and on demand video interviews, advanced interview scheduling, interview question builder, and reporting on your interviewing data and use the entire suite to power your interviewing process. You can also choose one or two products to help solve specific hiring issues.

Some companies choose to use interviewstream to send out employee surveys. Collecting feedback through video helps HR teams collect data on improvements directly from team members. 

Another way one company has used our technology is to house their entire interviewing process within the platform. Using questionnaires on different landing pages, they are able to sort out which applicants move forward in the hiring process.

Need more video interviewing features? 

interviewstream video interviewing and scheduling can help you hire faster & make better hiring decisions. Want to learn more about the impact that HR tech solutions can have on your company? Check out our benefits of Video Interviewing eBook. Or fill out this form to try interviewstream’s digital interviewing platform.


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