9 Apps to Drive Your Digital Interview Hiring Process

Caroline Chessia | March 30, 2023

What are the most-used apps on your phone? And—no judgment—how much time have you spent on each of them?

We’re all guilty of the occasional doom scroll. But let’s not forget how many apps are out there to make you more productive. For recruiters in the midst of hiring high volumes of candidates or lost a maze of scheduling restrictions, some of those hiring apps can mean huge time savings. Let’s take a look at a few of the best.

Job Interview App Features To Consider:

Apps to try: 

  • LinkedIn Recruiter is great for candidate searching and messaging
  • WhatsApp Business can be useful for messaging securely with candidates (and, if you’re hiring digital nomads – a lot of people outside the USA use WhatsApp)
  • interviewstream provides full-service virtual interview software

How Top Apps Increase the Number of Quality Teachers in Your Talent Pipeline

Screening a ton of applicants and leveraging job interview apps is great, but only if the talent you’re connecting with is a good fit for your school. 

Part of ensuring you’re reaching the right candidates is by finding a place to cast a wide net; the rest is about reeling in their interest with competitive job offers and dynamic company culture. Do your part by:

  • Networking, networking, networking! You’ll never reach the right people if you don’t put yourself out there.
  • Comparing your job postings to others—local, regional, and national. Make sure you’re staying competitive.
  • Keeping up with trends in the teacher community. You can’t make your best offer if you don’t know what matters to your candidates, and those expectations are always changing.

Apps to try: 

  • LinkedIn for building connections and joining conversations that will make you more visible to future candidates
  • EducationCrossing.com which, okay, is not an app, but it is an excellent resource for browsing thousands of educational job postings to compare

Time Management App Features that Decrease Time-to-Hire

Simplifying all manual work can mean huge time savings for your team. And that means you could shrink your time-to-hire and boost quality of hire and other recruiting metrics significantly. For example:

  • Live interviews connect you to your candidates in your interviewing software platform. Make notes and rate candidates live.
  • SMS texting meets candidates where they are, rather than requiring endless games of phone tag or getting lost in their email inbox.
  • Interview scheduling decreases the time you spend emailing back and forth and allows candidates to book on your calendar.
  • Digital collaboration centralizes feedback and conversations to minimize meetings and streamline documentation.

Every recruiter knows that the pressure to work smarter and faster is on. Hacking your own productivity can help you execute. Especially when you know your competitors are also trying to find the fastest way to recruit ideal team players and other top candidates.

Apps to try:

    • Forest holds you accountable for staying focused. It will help you grow a digital tree—and plant a real tree!—if you stay in the zone.
    • Todoist is a much-loved organization app for helping you track your tasks and their due dates. Color coding and both mobile and desktop availability make it a quick winner for personal task management.
  • interviewstream’s advanced interview scheduling allows you, your colleagues, and your candidates to use the same calendar to book interview times with no back-and-forth emails on changing windows of availability.

Looking for an easy to use interviewing app?

interviewstream helps you video screen candidates, schedule interviews, build your interviewing process, and gives you advanced reporting capabilities. See how you can recruit your top candidates before your competitors in our guide to video interviewing. If you’d like to talk with one of our hiring experts – fill out this form and we’ll get in contact with you.

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Caroline Chessia is the Marketing Operations Specialist at interviewstream. She loves color-coordinated graphs, hiking in the mountains, and every dog she meets—especially the Golden Retrievers.


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