Using An Interview Scheduler: The Best Way To Schedule Interviews Before Other Companies

Caroline Chessia | July 19, 2023

What Does Interview Scheduling Mean?

Interview scheduling is the process of coordinating interviews between hiring managers and candidates. Traditionally, this process involved numerous back-and-forth communications via phone calls and emails, often resulting in wasted time and potential scheduling conflicts. However, with automated interview schedulers like interviewstream, this process has become much more efficient.

Benefits Of Automated Interview Scheduling Software

Automated interview scheduling tools have revolutionized the way interviews are scheduled. They offer significant time savings, improved candidate experience, and increased efficiency for hiring teams. Here are 3 benefits of automated scheduling.

  • Reduce your time to fill: By using automated interview schedulers, employers can expedite the interview process and secure top candidates before they accept other job offers. Swift scheduling reduces the risk of losing out on highly sought-after talent.
  • Schedule and screen candidates before your competition: Time is of the essence. Employers need to act swiftly and ensure their interview scheduling process is efficient to recruit top talent. Automated scheduling allows candidates to schedule on their own time – and most candidates schedule within 24 hours.
  • Increased candidate experience: Taking into account the availability and preferences of candidates is crucial for a successful interview process. Offering flexible scheduling options and allowing candidates to choose interview slots that align with their schedules increases their engagement and participation – ultimately creating a better interview experience.

The Best Way To Schedule An Interview With An Interview Scheduler

  1. Craft a clear and concise email: Provide all the necessary details on how to schedule the interview. Include who to contact if there are any issues and any special instructions or requirements.
  2. Personalize the invitation: Address the candidate by name and express your enthusiasm for their potential contribution to the company. (Hint – with an interview scheduler, you can automate the personalization!)
  3. Offer flexibility: Provide multiple options for interview slots, allowing candidates to choose a time that best suits their schedule. Most users allow interviews to be scheduled anywhere in the next 1 – 7 days. 

Set expectations: Clearly outline the interview format (in-person, video call, etc.) and any materials or preparations required from the candidate at the time of interview scheduling. On the scheduling page, they will be able to add any necessary documents.

Why Use An Automated Interview Scheduler?

How does an automated scheduling tool actually work and what are its capabilities? Beyond simply scheduling interviews, you can sync multiple calendars, schedule multiple interviews at once, and automate notifications. We’ll get into a bit more detail below.

Candidates can self-schedule interviews

One of the biggest advantages of using interview scheduling software is empowering candidates to self-schedule their interviews. From interviewstream data, we can see that the most popular day candidates schedule their interviews is Sunday. Which is great if you’re using an interview scheduler, because you get in front of those candidates before competitors who aren’t using scheduling software.

By providing candidates with the option to choose interview slots that work best for them, you not only demonstrate respect for their time but also enhance their overall experience with your organization. This level of flexibility and convenience increases the likelihood of candidates accepting your interview invitations promptly and reduces the chances of losing top talent to competitors who offer a smoother scheduling process.

Sync hiring managers’ calendars automatically

Interview scheduling software consolidates the availability of your hiring manager into one easily accessible calendar, allowing candidates to select suitable interview slots in real-time. This synchronization ensures efficient coordination, streamlines the process, and minimizes the risk of double bookings or scheduling errors.

Schedule multiple interviews at once

With advanced interview scheduling software, you can easily schedule multiple interviews at once, whether they are individual interviews, back-to-back sessions, or panel interviews. This approach saves time and allows your team to focus on the essential task of evaluating candidates rather than getting caught up in scheduling logistics.

Automatically send out notifications

Gone are the days of manually notifying candidates about interview details, rescheduling, or cancellations. Interview scheduling software automates the entire communication process, sending out notifications to candidates with all the information they need. These automated reminders not only ensure that candidates are prepared for their interviews (and reduce no-shows interviews and candidate ghosting) but also reduce the administrative burden on your team. 

Stay on top of your time-to-fill recruitment metric

Organizations that can swiftly identify, engage, and secure top talent gain a significant competitive advantage. Using interview scheduling software allows you to stay on top of your time-to-fill metric

With automated schedulers, you can reduce the time spent on back-and-forth communication, minimize scheduling conflicts, and accelerate the overall hiring timeline. By leveraging technology to optimize your interview scheduling, you ensure that you don’t lose valuable candidates to other companies that are utilizing these efficient tools.

Automate Interview Scheduling With interviewstream

Integrating interview scheduling software into your hiring process is no longer a luxury but a necessity. By embracing these technological solutions, you empower candidates, streamline communication, improve coordination with your team, and ultimately reduce your time-to-fill. 

In a job market where top talent is in high demand, staying ahead requires leveraging every advantage available. Don’t let manual scheduling methods hold you back—invest in interview scheduling software and gain a competitive edge in securing the best candidates for your organization. Chat with a hiring expert today.

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