Gain an Edge Over Competitors: Using Advanced Interview Scheduling to Reach Top Candidates First

Caroline Chessia | August 11, 2023

Finding and hiring the best candidates quickly is essential for companies looking to get ahead of their competitors. Traditional interview scheduling methods can be time-consuming and inefficient, leading to missed opportunities and losing out on top talent. 

However, with the advent of advanced interview scheduling technology, companies can streamline their hiring processes, engage candidates faster, and gain a competitive edge in talent acquisition. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using an advanced interview scheduler, compare it with a simple interview scheduler, and delve into real-world use cases, including a notable example from the healthcare industry.


Advanced Interview Scheduler vs. Simple Interview Scheduler: What is the difference?

While simple interview scheduling tools are useful for automating basic interview coordination with a single recruiter in one location, they may fall short when handling more complex scheduling requirements. An advanced interview scheduler offers several key advantages that can give companies a competitive edge:

1. Advanced interview scheduling: Round Robin Scheduling

An advanced interview scheduler enables round robin scheduling, which is especially valuable for high-volume hiring or positions with constant turnover. With round robin scheduling, multiple recruiters can manage their availability on a shared interview calendar. 

Candidates can choose a time slot that suits them, and the scheduler automatically blocks off each recruiters’ calendar to avoid overbooking. 

2. Sync Multiple Recruiters’ Calendars with an Advanced Scheduler

In scenarios where multiple recruiters are involved in the hiring process, an advanced scheduler allows their calendars to sync to a centralized interview scheduling calendar. This feature simplifies coordination, reduces scheduling conflicts, and ensures a seamless interview process. Syncing calendars becomes especially handing when working with our next scenario, multiple positions and locations.

3. Scheduling for Different Positions and Locations:

Companies often have to recruit for various positions across different locations. An advanced interview scheduler can handle the complexity of scheduling interviews for diverse roles in multiple places, streamlining the entire process and maximizing hiring efficiency.

This function is especially helpful when recruiting for healthcare organizations in different hospitals, or for any company with multiple locations with the same unfilled position.


Advantages of an Advanced Interview Scheduler

Interview schedulers are proven to give a company a great return on investment by shortening the time from application to interview, but organizations using advanced schedulers can reap even more benefits. Here are 3 benefits interviewstream clients have using our advanced scheduler:

1. Schedulers Help Reduce Time-to-Hire 

By automating the interview scheduling process, advanced schedulers drastically reduce their time-to-hire. Recruiters spend less time on administrative tasks and can focus on engaging candidates and evaluating their fit for the organization. Check out more time saving statistics in our article on ROI of interviewing tech here.

2. Enhance Your Candidate Experience with an Interview Scheduler

Candidates appreciate a smooth and efficient interview scheduling process. With self-scheduling options and personalized auto-reminders, companies can create a positive candidate experience that sets them apart from competitors. 

Recruiters also benefit from self-scheduled interviews – empowering candidates to schedule their own interviews leads to less candidate ghosting and candidate dropoff.

3. Simplified Hiring Events Management

For large-scale hiring events, such as career fairs and recruitment drives, an advanced scheduler simplifies the organization and coordination of numerous interviews. This leads to increased opportunities to connect with potential candidates and better talent acquisition outcomes.


How Johns Hopkins Health System Uses Advanced Scheduler

Johns Hopkins Health System, a renowned healthcare provider, achieved remarkable improvements in their hiring process by implementing an advanced interview scheduler. By coordinating interviews across multiple departments, reducing scheduling conflicts, and enhancing communication with candidates, they significantly reduced their time-to-hire, increased candidate satisfaction, and improved interviewer productivity. 

Over the past few years, Johns Hopkins has leveraged the advanced scheduler to schedule over 7,000 interviews, a testament to the tool’s effectiveness in optimizing the hiring process.

Clock icon
7,818 Hours saved
screening candidates
Checklist icon
20,395 on demand interviews
Check Mark icon
496 Job requisitions
Calendar Time Saving icon
7,393 Scheduled
Higher Rate icon
67% Increase in scheduled
events year-over-year
Hiring Event icon
5 Large hiring events
hosting 430 total candidates


Use interviewstream’s Advanced Scheduler to Interview your Favorite Candidates, Faster

Organizations interested in recruiting top talent must employ innovative solutions to get ahead of their competitors. An advanced interview scheduler provides a powerful advantage by streamlining the hiring process, reducing time-to-hire, and enhancing the candidate experience. 

Round robin scheduling, syncing multiple recruiters’ calendars, and handling interviews for different positions and locations empower HR professionals to efficiently engage with candidates and identify the best talent. Embracing these interviewing tools enables organizations to interview top candidates first and secure the best talent for their future success. See how you can start with an advanced scheduler here

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